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3 Ways the Fitness Franchise Industry Has Changed

The fitness franchise industry is growing quickly and has changed considerably in recent years. With the rise of digital platforms, group fitness, and boutique studios, the landscape of fitness is evolving—and Pvolve is at the forefront of it all. As a franchise owner with us, you can become part of an innovative fitness movement that helps others while building a thriving business. Continue reading to learn more about how the fitness franchise industry has changed.


More than ever, convenience is becoming a priority for many, which has contributed to the rising demand for digital platforms in many industries, including fitness. Not everyone can regularly attend classes or workout in a studio, so it’s essential to be able to meet this demand and to provide other options for members to maintain their fitness routines, regardless of their busy schedules. When you become a franchise owner with Pvolve, your members will have access to our fitness Method whether they can make it out to your studio or decide to remain in the comfort of their homes.

Being able to keep up with the fitness franchise industry’s demand for digital platforms will not only help your boutique gym franchise stand out but also add value to your studio memberships and increase brand awareness. This helps create a steady flow of members and retains them throughout your ownership.


Accountability is key when it comes to fitness. In a group setting, people can motivate each other to push themselves, try new things, and form meaningful bonds that contribute to membership retention in a fitness franchise.

At Pvolve, we offer group sessions, so your members can connect with each other and their trainers. These sessions can inspire them to stay with your fitness franchise. The more committed they are to their workouts, the greater the results will be and the more likely they’ll be to recommend your studio to friends and family.


Boutique gym franchises are smaller in size, which means members can receive more personalized attention from skilled trainers who are invested in their wellbeing. When members visit your Pvolve studio, you can offer them the individual attention that so many health conscious individuals crave—in addition to our signature workouts, proprietary equipment, group sessions, and virtual workouts.

People want more out of their fitness experience and boutique gym franchises are more equipped to provide it. Our smaller studios are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, calming, and motivating, so members feel good about being there and want to come back. Simply put—boutique gym franchises can provide members with unique services and unmatched care.


If owning a fitness franchise that can keep up with this fast-paced industry sounds exciting to you, now is the time to learn more about franchising with Pvolve and how it could benefit you. We’re looking for motivated entrepreneurs who are passionate about fitness and believe in helping others. Reach out to a member of our team today to learn more about this opportunity and how to get started on the process.

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