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Franchisee Spotlight: Emily Reid

We are thrilled to introduce you to Emily Reid, one of Pvolve’s first 10 franchisees, who is set to open the Fort Worth location. Emily’s journey to becoming a Pvolve franchise owner highlights the positive impact of our functional fitness method.​​ Emily is set to open the Fort Worth location in the Spring of 2024, bringing the transformative Pvolve fitness experience to her community. Join us as we delve into Emily’s journey, her experience with the Pvolve method, and her aspirations as a dedicated franchise owner.

Finding Passion with a Pvolve Franchise

Emily Reid’s journey with Pvolve is a testament to our functional fitness methods, franchise ownership opportunities, and supportive Pvolve team. After the birth of her daughter, she was searching for an effective at-home workout method as she prepared to return to work as a school teacher. It was during this time that she discovered Rachel Katzman, the founder of Pvolve, while listening to one of her favorite podcasts. Emily was immediately drawn to the method’s holistic approach and its message of strengthening the body without breaking it down. She then ordered a Pvolve fitness bundle and soon found herself hooked.

After using Pvolve’s online workout classes at home before work, Emily thought to herself, “I wish there was a studio here”. Later that day, Emily looked online and found that Pvolve had started franchising, so she reached out, knowing that Fort Worth would be a great studio location. Emily’s belief in Pvolve’s potential to bring positive change makes her excited about franchise ownership.

For Emily, the Pvolve franchise owner experience has been transformative, and she is thrilled to contribute to the Pvolve community’s growth and authenticity. As we move forward with exciting developments, including our partnership with Jennifer Aniston, Emily Reid embodies Pvolve’s mission and its commitment to holistic, authentic fitness.

Owning a Boutique Fitness Franchise

Pvolve is a science-led functional fitness method that delivers groundbreaking content and experiences to its members across all 50 states and worldwide. Choosing Pvolve as your franchise opportunity means joining a community of individuals who share your passion for wellness. Pvolve’s dedicated support team will guide you through site selection and the studio-building process, equipping you with comprehensive training and support to prepare you for ownership. Once your Pvolve fitness studio is up and running, you’ll continue to benefit from the guidance of your dedicated Pvolve franchise business coach, all while enjoying the freedom of being your own boss. To learn more about Pvolve franchise opportunities, contact our team.

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