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Pvolve Studio Now Open in San Diego

A new Pvolve studio has opened in San Diego, CA. Pvolve fitness studios focus on functional fitness methods that offer innovative hybrid workout regimes. Pvolve takes a functional approach to fitness, by using a science-based technique that combines one-of-a-kind methods and equipment. Pvolve’s hybrid fitness model offers members a unique and personalized fitness experience, allowing them to partake in in-studio classes as well as on-demand virtual classes.

Come move with us at Pvolve San Diego! Choose from a drop in class, 5-class pack, mini burn membership, or ultimate burn membership, and find the Pvolve approach that works for you! Our classes are offered in four formats: The Foundation, Strength & Sculpt, Cardio Burn, and Recover & Stretch. Pvolve’s functional fitness training method is proven to be a truly effective workout, unlike any other. Like all Pvolve fitness studios, the San Diego location is a state-of-the-art studio, staffed with industry-leading trainers. Visit Pvolve San Diego in Westfield UTC, contact us at 1(858) 788-9367, or visit our website to become a member.

What to Experience with Our New Fitness Studio in San Diego

The Pvolve fitness studio in San Diego, is staffed with four industry-leading trainers. Sarah Koenig, Ria Coen Gilbert, Brigitte Fuller, and Maggie Betz each have an extensive understanding of the fitness industry and share a passion for functional training.

Pvolve San Diego offers classes for every level, goal, and need. Class offerings include Strength & Sculpt and Sculpt & Burn. Check our schedule to see daily detailed schedules and to reserve a class.

Fitness Franchisee Quotes

“Pvolve is changing the conversation around holistic wellness. Our workouts fill a real need in fitness, marrying both intense toning with functional movements that help restore and support the body so you can feel incredible both inside and out”

-Kirstin Keohane, San Diego Pvolve Franchise Owner

“We’re proud to open Pvolve’s first franchise studio and look forward to bringing this effective low-impact method that improves strength, stability, mobility, and physique to greater San Diego.”

-Kirstin Keohane, San Diego Pvolve Franchise Owner

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