Pvolve Fitness Franchising FAQs

Pvolve is dedicated to helping others achieve their full potential, and that includes our fitness franchise owners. We want to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your investment with a Pvolve fitness franchise. Below are answers to some of the most common questions we receive from prospective franchisees. If you don’t see your question answered here, please reach out to our team.


Do I have to be a Pvolve member to open a Pvolve fitness franchise?

Membership is not a requirement! While it is an added bonus, we realize that not everyone has access to a studio at this time, and some individuals prefer an in-person workout experience vs. an at-home experience. Throughout the pre-awarding education process, we do encourage prospective franchise owners to try some on-demand workouts at home and to participate in a workout class when invited to Chicago for a Meet the Team event to fully experience the concept they will be bringing to their community.

Are Pvolve fitness franchises just for women?

Pvolve is inclusive to all! We invite franchisees of any gender who meet our qualifications to start their own Pvolve fitness franchise.

How much does a Pvolve fitness franchise cost to open?

The minimum liquid capital to open a Pvolve fitness franchise is $250,000 with a minimum net worth required of $750,000.

What kind of support does Pvolve provide to franchisees?

Franchise owners receive comprehensive support throughout the development process and beyond – from real estate analysis, hands-on lease negotiation assistance, regular design and construction check-ins, weekly calls with marketing and operations specialists, staffing guidance, and more.

What kind of training will I receive as a new Pvolve Franchise owner?

We provide comprehensive sales support from pre-sale through Grand Opening and into sustainability. This includes a dedicated business coach who will be there every step of the way providing hands on training, expert guidance to drive sales and ensure your business is successful. Franchisees can expect to attend a 3-day Franchise Owner Training Session in Chicago to fully understand the business model, marketing plan, and growth strategy for their studio. In addition, our team also offers Pre-Sale Training and Launch Training to franchise owners and their staff. From a training perspective, as trainers are onboarded, they will experience 100 hours of immersive training, a blend of online learning modules and in-person hands-on coaching. Franchise owners and their team members will also have access to Pvolve Academy, our learning management system offering fresh training content & courses for continued development.

What experience or qualifications does Pvolve look for in potential franchisees?

Our ideal franchise owner lives our values and feels connected to our mission. In addition to meeting the financial requirements, they’re business-minded, fiscally savvy, and have a passion for health and wellness.

Is prior experience in the fitness franchise industry required?

Prior fitness franchising experience is not required, but previous business or franchising experience is beneficial.

How will I know if my market is big enough?

The ideal location for your Pvolve studio is an affluent metropolitan or suburban area with approximately 50,000 people. Our team will utilize our territory mapping software to help analyze your market to make sure it fits the criteria.

How much are the franchise fees?

$50,000 for a single studio, with discounted franchise fees for multi-unit developers.

Are there benefits to owning more than one studio?

Yes, there are benefits to owning more than one Pvolve fitness franchise. These include shared marketing resources, shared staffing resources, brand awareness, and higher earning potential.

What areas are available for a new Pvolve franchise?

We are currently focusing our growth in regions across the U.S & Canada.

Does Pvolve offer financing assistance?

While we do not finance internally, we do partner with several funding consultants.

What is the revenue potential?

Candidates can review Item 19 of our FDD and validate through franchise owners.

What real estate support do you provide?

From the moment you sign your Franchise Agreement, we will work to identify and drive opportunities from site selection to lease execution for your new studio.We will work with you from design release through your studio opening. We will assist in managing your permits, loan closing, budget, construction timeline, and closing out your project.

How does the marketing work with a Pvolve fitness franchise?

As soon as your lease is executed, the marketing of your studio kicks off with dedicated support to ensure you generate maximum leads during presale to studio open and beyond. Our team will help create extensive CRM campaigns.

How long is the franchise granted?

We typically operate on an initial 10 year term with options to renew.

How do I get started?

You can schedule an introductory call with our team to figure out if Pvolve is the right fit for you. After completing the form with your details, a representative from our franchise development team will get in touch with you.

How soon can my fitness franchise open?

We would like to open within 1 year of signing.