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Bring the innovative fitness method that will change that way you work out to your community.

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Meet the Method

Traditional workouts can break you down and push your body to the limit. ​

Pvolve is a science-led method that combines low-impact functional fitness with resistance-based equipment to deliver results beyond a traditional workout. ​

The result: A strong, sculpted physique, plus increased mobility and better posture and balance to help you live a better life—for life.​

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Founder's Story

Founder’s Story​

Rachel spent years trying different Boutique fitness studios in NYC without luck; each workout leaving her feeling depleted and in pain, without any noticeable results.

After being diagnosed with scoliosis, she knew she had to find an approach that would work for her allowing her to break a sweat, not her body.

Functional fitness permitted Rachel to strengthen, sculpt and tone her body, while supporting stability and mobility. Modeled by her family of entrepreneurs, Rachel knew her passion for functional fitness could serve women all over the world.

Pvolve continues to grow and bring in new members to its innovative approach to fitness. Those who try the method attest to how this approachable method is a solution that supports people at any level or point in their fitness journey.

Why Own a Pvolve Franchise

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Our franchise model is disrupting the boutique fitness industry. Our groundbreaking business model provides exceptional value to our franchise owner—and their members. We’re built differently, from our unique method to our cutting-edge digital platform. ​


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    Unique Method & Equipment ​

    The combination of our method and equipment offers real fitness solutions that get the results members crave. 

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    Clinical Backing​

    The Pvolve Method is committed to the highest standards of science, drawing on the expertise of Doctors and Clinicians who make up the company’s Clinical Advisory Board. Pvolve is currently in three Clinical Studies with leading research institutes to substantiate the efficacy of the method. 

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    Multiple Revenue Streams

    Maximize revenue with many membership options—ranging from class packs to hybrid memberships, from in-studio equipment to retail sales. 

  • Omni-Channel Approach

    Omni-Channel Approach

    With a studio membership comes access to a robust on-demand digital platform and live classes to keep your members hooked from wherever they are. 


“I know that Pvolve is going to continuously do well because of such a vast shift into that low impact, functional fitness mindset. This is something that you can do for the rest of your life. Getting involved with a company that has such growth potential was so exciting for me.”

– Page A. ~ Pvolve Santa Monica Owner

“It’s been such an awesome experience bringing Pvolve to Fort Worth! It’s fun to combine my love of this city with this workout method that I also love. People have been so excited about the location, and hearing their excitement has been so validating.”

– Emily R. ~ Pvolve Fort Worth Owner

“After more than two years of intensive research and analysis on potential franchise opportunities in the fitness space, Pvolve was by far our top choice,” said Kristin, who will serve as the studio manager in addition to being a co-owner. “Fitness is a central part of our lives and being able to start our own business with such an amazing brand and a hugely dedicated following is a dream come true.”

“When Pvolve franchisees Ben and Cynthia H. were initially looking for franchise opportunities, they couldn’t find anything they were passionate about. “It was frustrating,” said Ben. “We reviewed a lot of brands, but nothing stood out to us. And then one day, Cynthia said, ‘I really wish Pvolve would franchise, because they’re so amazing.’ I told her to check their website and a few minutes later, we found out that they had just opened up franchising.”
– Cynthia H. ~ Pvolve Nashville Franchise Owner

“I found Pvolve and fell in love — the impact was wild! I did their program for about six months until things finally started opening back up again, but I found I couldn’t stop the Pvolve program; I became fully addicted. John said to me, “The next thing you find, let’s commit,” and once I got the franchise email, the stars aligned — I knew this was the type of thing I wanted to do.”

– Kirstin K. ~ PVOLVE San Diego Franchise Owner