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Meet Pvolve

Pvolve is a science-led method that combines low-impact functional fitness with resistance-based equipment to deliver results beyond a traditional workout.

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The Method

Traditional workouts can break you down and push your body to the limit. ​

Pvolve is a science-led method that combines low-impact functional fitness with resistance-based equipment to deliver results beyond a traditional workout. ​

The result: A strong, sculpted physique, plus increased mobility and better posture and balance to help you live a better life—for life.​

Rachel Katzman


Rachel spent years trying different Boutique fitness studios in NYC without luck; each workout leaving her feeling depleted and in pain, without any noticeable results.

After being diagnosed with scoliosis, she knew she had to find an approach that would work for her allowing her to break a sweat, not her body.

Functional fitness permitted Rachel to strengthen, sculpt and tone her body, while supporting stability and mobility. Modeled by her family of entrepreneurs, Rachel knew her passion for functional fitness could serve women all over the world.

Pvolve continues to grow and bring in new members to its innovative approach to fitness. Those who try the method attest to how this approachable method is a solution that supports people at any level or point in their fitness journey.

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The Studio

Every Pvolve studio balances upscale architectural design with an inclusive atmosphere to make every member feel at home. Your studio will be stocked with our entire suite of specially designed resistance equipment.​ Every piece—from the patented P.ball to our best-selling hand weights—was designed with total-body results in mind and to move the body the way it was truly meant to move.

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Streaming on a mobile phone

On-Demand & Virtual Workouts

We were virtual before the world demanded it. When members join your studio, they’ll also get access to a robust digital platform with hundreds of on-demand videos and structured series. Plus, they can join classes in our Live Virtual Studio to replicate the in-studio experience at home. This not only adds value to your studio memberships, but also helps increase brand awareness and retention.

Transforming Lives One Workout at a Time

“I had read about Pvolve one year before finally signing up for my first class and was immediately hooked. Pvolve is smart, safe, effective and the specific movements will challenge and awaken muscles you never knew existed. I saw results only one month after taking class regularly.”

– Leonora D.

“I love the Pvolve method! Ever since I started, I feel more sculpted and energized. No other method or workout can compare to Pvolve results! What I like the most about it is that it’s a high intensity/low impact workout, which is ideal when you have knee problems like me.”

– Sanza M.

“Pvolve has truly changed my life. Before joining, I had stopped working out for nearly 10 years. I fell in love with Pvolve after one week, became an Unlimited Burn member and haven’t looked back since. I am absolutely obsessed.”

– Alyssa S.

“My injuries are healing from the inside out. I came from a background of traditional weightlifting. Not only did Pvolve do wonders to rebuild what my injury did, but it’s taking me toward the body shape that I thrive in every single day.”

– Immy

“I feel so lucky to have discovered the perfect workout through Pvolve. The method is so incredible, precise and effective, triggering all the right muscles. Simply put — brilliant state of the art workout! Muscles I didn’t know I had have awoken and strengthened and I feel better than ever.”

– Lenni C.

“As someone who was struggling to recover from spinal surgery, discovering Pvolve was a game-changer. Not only did it allow me to regain the strength I’d lost, but my mobility, flexibility and balance are now better than they have ever been.”

– Reva B.