Los Angeles P.volve studio features large patio with view

Step Into
Your New Office

P.volve's industrial inspired lobby features white shelving, branded merchandise and P.volve equipment

Luxury Meets Functionality

Every P.volve studio balances upscale architectural design with an inclusive atmosphere to make customers feel at home. Think high ceilings, lots of natural light and energizing playlists to appeal to people searching for a sophisticated studio that feels both calming and motivating.

Choosing a Home for Your Studio

tour a P.volve studio

Unlike traditional gyms, your studio fits into an economical 2,500 sq.ft., making it easier for you to find a favorable lease in your ideal area. It will feature a single studio, lobby, retail area, bathroom, and office space for you and your team. Our studios perform best in ground floor locations in an area with 50,000 potential P.volve members. Placing your studio near other luxury services could also positively impact membership.

Woman in pink athletic wear opens black locker

How We Exceed Expectations

A full-time housekeeping staff will help keep your studio pristine while giving your members peace of mind. It’s more important than ever to prioritize rigorous cleaning standards and P.volve has the measures in place to keep your team accountable.

Meet the P.volve Team