Women exercising at a Pvolve fitness studio using signature Pvolve equipment

Innovative Fitness Methodology

At Pvolve, we’ve redefined the fitness landscape with our groundbreaking fitness methodology. Our science-led approach emphasizes low-impact, functional movement and our patented resistance equipment to offer a genuinely innovative fitness experience. Unlike traditional workouts with high-intensity, bulky equipment, Pvolve’s method goes beyond the surface, improving your body from the inside out.

Our holistic approach aims to sculpt, strengthen, and restore your body while improving mobility and flexibility. This unique combination sets Pvolve apart as the premier fitness franchise, offering unparalleled results and a transformative experience for clients and franchisees. Join us in revolutionizing the fitness industry and discover why Pvolve is the ultimate choice for those seeking a franchise opportunity that delivers exceptional value and innovation.

About Pvolve

Pvolve is more than just a fitness company, it’s a movement towards more innovative, effective workouts. Pvolve began in 2017 when Founder Rachel Katzman sought a fitness solution that respects the body’s holistic needs without causing strain or injury. From this, the Pvolve method was born, supported by a Clinical Advisory Board of distinguished medical professionals and highly credentialed trainers, ensuring that every workout is backed by science and expertise.

The Pvolve Advantage

Traditional workouts often focus on high-impact moves and bulky gym equipment, leading to muscular imbalances, injuries, and burnout. In contrast, Pvolve offers a unique blend of functional movement that targets hard-to-reach muscles, works for multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and leaves you energized rather than exhausted. With our method, you’ll sculpt and shape your body and improve your mobility, balance, and posture for lifelong results. Pvolve incorporates innovative methods such as:

  • Patented Resistance Equipment: Target your hard-to-reach muscles with our specialized equipment.
  • Dynamic Movements: Engage multiple muscles simultaneously for balanced, total body strength.
  • Low-Impact, Energizing Movement: Feel your best from the inside out with gentle, energizing exercises.

Clinical Advisory Board

Our Clinical Advisory Board comprises esteemed medical doctors and healthcare experts who lead clinical studies and develop workouts based on scientific evidence and research. From doctors of physical therapy to reproductive endocrinologists, our team ensures that every aspect of our method is grounded in science and tailored to meet your unique needs. The Pvolve clinical advisory board includes:

  • Dr. Amy Price Hoover: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Chief Physical Therapist
  • Dr. Nima Alamdari: Doctor of Physiology
  • Dr. Shannon DeVore: Reproductive Endocrinologist
  • Dr. Suman Tewari: Doctor of Gynecology
  • Antonietta Vicario: Chief Training Officer, IIN Health and Hormone Coach, Pilates Certified
  • Maeve McEwen: Director of Programming, Pre/Post-Natal and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
  • Dani Coleman: Director of Training, NASM Corrective Exercise and Personal Training Certified
  • Zach Morris: Master Trainer, NASM, and Gray Institute Certified

Healthy Aging Clinical Study

Our commitment to science and research is evident in our groundbreaking Healthy Aging Clinical Study, conducted in collaboration with the University of Exeter. This study focused on perimenopausal and menopausal women, demonstrating significant improvements in strength, lean muscle mass, balance, and overall health for participants who followed the Pvolve Method. These findings underscore the effectiveness of our approach in promoting healthy aging and addressing the specific needs of women during midlife and beyond.

Participants Results

Women face unique fitness challenges as they age, and Pvolve is proud to offer a solution backed by rigorous scientific research. Participants in the Healthy Aging Clinical Study reported remarkable improvements after just 12 weeks of following the Pvolve Method. From increased energy and flexibility to improved strength and balance, our method offers a comprehensive solution for women experiencing the effects of menopause. Focusing on functional fitness and low-impact movements, Pvolve helps women build strength, maintain mobility, and enhance their overall quality of life as they age.

Participants reported:

  • 23% more daily energy and lower fatigue
  • 21% more full-body flexibility
  • 19% more hip function and lower body strength

Learn more about the Healthy Aging Clinical Study.

Join the Pvolve Movement

As a potential franchisee, you’re looking for a brand that stands out in a crowded market. With Pvolve, you’re not just joining a fitness franchise, you’re joining a movement revolutionizing how people approach health and fitness. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a fitness enthusiast looking to turn your passion into a profitable business, Pvolve offers a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the health and wellness industry. Join us and discover why Pvolve is the best fitness franchise choice for entrepreneurs like you.

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