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Launching Your Own Business in 2023

Enter 2023 with positivity and promise by launching your own business! Studies show that 59.16% of aspiring business owners strongly agree that 2023 is a “great time to open your own business”, with franchise ventures being the leading business-owning opportunity. Franchise opportunities span more sectors than ever before, allowing you to become a more significant part of something you are passionate about. For those who find passion in building a community of like-minded individuals with a focus on functional fitness and well-being, Pvolve would be the ideal franchise opportunity.

Most small business owners are motivated by being their own boss (61%), exiting corporate America (48%), pursuing a passion (31%), taking advantage of a new opportunity (21%), or finding new work after being laid off (23%). Whatever your motivation may be, franchising is a great avenue to opening your own business. Opening a franchise offers skills and resources you may not otherwise have access to if opening an independent business, providing you with confidence as you launch a business. When opening a Pvolve franchise, you will have access to a range of resources and help, from choosing a location to finding a qualified team of employees!

Opening a franchise is a perfect opportunity for someone looking into small business ownership. With a team of consultants, you will enter small-business ownership with confidence and build strong relationships with like-minded industry partners. Continue reading to learn more about the opportunities of franchise ownership.

Franchise Insights and Entrepreneurship Statistics

Despite economic uncertainty, franchising opportunities have shown to be a profitable business venture going into the new year. Research shows that now is a great time to pursue your passion and become your own boss, by starting a franchise. Self-employed individuals pursue a career where they enjoy flexibility and fulfillment, therefore improving their quality of life.

As each year passes, the economic output of franchising in the USA trends upward. According to Statista, the economic output of franchise establishments grew by 38.9 billion U.S. dollars from 2021 to 2022, reaching 826.6 billion U.S. dollars as we enter 2023.

Franchising trends also reflect that health, beauty, and fitness service franchises are among the top five leading franchising industries in 2022. In the fitness industry, boutique fitness studio experiences, in-person classes, women-led studios, and functional fitness are the leading fitness trends.

Based on a survey of individuals who recently inquired about opening a business or franchise, the Small Business Startup Sentiment Index released the current findings and trends in entrepreneurship (Dec 2022). A record-breaking 91.4% of startups are expected in 2023, with 56.7% of respondents indicating that they are “…more likely to start a business now than three months ago”. Of these individuals, women entrepreneurship statistics reflect an increasing percentage of aspiring business owners (50%).

Fitness Franchising with Pvolve

Pvolve fitness franchising is a great opportunity to step into the business sector that you are passionate about. With a functional health and wellness approach, our unique fitness methods build community, motivation, and an overall sense of well-being. Choosing Pvolve means that you will have a corporate team supporting you every step of the way, as you become your own boss and cultivate a community of like-minded individuals. In 2022, Pvolve has grown to have three corporate studios and 12 franchise studios in development. Learn more about our 2022 company growth and contact our team to learn more about fitness franchising.

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