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Functional Training is the Future of Fitness Franchises

Functional training is a favorite amongst high-performance athletes, fitness trainers and medical professionals. So, why haven’t more people heard of it? We think the fitness industry has kept functional training a secret for too long, and we’re on a mission to make this type of workout available everywhere.

As a Pvolve franchisee, you’ll offer your members a better way to workout. Our functional fitness method prioritizes long-term results over short-term gains and makes the body feel as good as it looks. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of functional training and how your fitness franchise can make a lasting difference in members’ lives.

What is Functional Training?

Functional fitness is a workout with a purpose. Rather than focusing solely on aesthetics, functional exercises aim to help you gain strength and mobility though movements that mimic everyday activities like squatting or reaching. While these exercises can absolutely result in a beautifully sculpted body, they also help you improve the body’s daily function.

By focusing on mind-to-muscle connection and purposeful movements, functional training helps to improve balance, body awareness, endurance and so much more. It’s not about how fast you can move, but how precisely you can move.

Rethinking the Way We Work Out

Tired of trendy fitness classes and painful movements, our founders knew there had to be a better way to work out. Pvolve’s one-of-a-kind method uses foundational functional fitness concepts, proprietary movements and patented equipment to help members achieve their best bodies ever. Our method works with the body’s mechanics to sculpt and strengthen in an effective yet gentle way.

While our members see results like leaner legs, perkier glutes and toned arms, they also get so much more out of our classes. Members report better sleep, improved posture and reduced pain from longtime injuries. Head to this page to learn more about our members’ experiences.

What Sets the Pvolve Fitness Franchise Apart?

Many group fitness franchises promise members unbelievable results if they only push their bodies to brink of exhaustion. If you squat lower, run faster or work harder, then you can achieve the body you want. At Pvolve, we left those outdated ideals behind. We know that you don’t have to break your body down to get amazing results from your workout. Here’s what else makes your future fitness franchise stand out in your market.

Pvolve is for Everyone

Our members tell us they felt intimidated by many other fitness franchises, but not at Pvolve. Your studio will welcome people from all walks of life with varying fitness ability. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive environment that gives our members the space to grow.

Our Method is Medically Reviewed

We don’t just talk the talk. Pvolve’s proprietary method and trainer resources are reviewed by a panel of medical professionals to ensure our members reap the best benefits possible.

Omni-Channel Memberships

Your studio’s unlimited membership option comes with complimentary access to our Virtual Studio where members can access on-demand classes.

Own the Best New Franchise on the Market

Join us on our mission to help members achieve their fitness goals and improve their daily lives, one workout at a time. To learn more, get in touch with our franchise development team now.

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