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Everyone is Welcome at P.volve

Early adopters of the P.volve method included top models and influencers, but it quickly amassed to people all over the world looking for relief and results from their workouts. All of our members come with their own goals in mind—whether they’re a former athlete, recovering from an injury or a busy mom looking for a way to squeeze a workout in.

Transforming Lives One Workout at a Time

“I had read about P.volve one year before finally signing up for my first class and was immediately hooked. P.volve is smart, safe, effective and the specific movements will challenge and awaken muscles you never knew existed. I saw results only one month after taking class regularly.”

– Leonora D.

“P.volve has been life changing for me! The studio is super clean and chic. The workouts are great, and the method is for EVERYONE. Getting started may feel a little awkward because you’re using different muscles and working out in different positions than the average person is used to, but it’s all for the greater good. After about 2 months I can say I’m seeing results in so many different ways. Not only am I getting more toned, my posture and overall attitude has improved. P.volve is very sustainable to do every day. It’s a great workout but it’s very easy on your joints. The instructors and other staff members are all great. No complaints at all.”

– Alexandra L.

“P.volve has revolutionized my fitness routine/regimen and has been such an amazing workout to promote strength, mobility and mindful movements. Having a previous knee injury, this workout has been an absolute game changer and has helped me to build strength and length in the very important supporting muscles. I absolutely love the community and the instructors are all amazing and unique in their choreography. You can’t go wrong with any of the instructors! I would highly recommend this community and workout to anybody looking for an emphasis on functional and mindful movements, along with strength and mobility.”

– Allie G.

“I love the P.volve method! Ever since I started, I feel more sculpted and energized. No other method or workout can compare to P.volve results! What I like the most about it is that it’s a high intensity/low impact workout, which is ideal when you have knee problems like me.”

– Sanza M.

“P.volve has truly changed my life. Before joining, I had stopped working out for nearly 10 years. I fell in love with P.volve after one week, became an Unlimited Burn member and haven’t looked back since. I am absolutely obsessed.”

– Alyssa S.

“My injuries are healing from the inside out. I came from a background of traditional weightlifting. Not only did P.volve do wonders to rebuild what my injury did, but it’s taking me toward the body shape that I thrive in every single day.”

– Immy

“After my first week trial, I was convinced it was the perfect fit for me for where I am at in my “fitness journey”. I have been a personal trainer since 2003 and I thought I was training correctly until about a year and a half ago. I started to have pain in my hip flexor. It turns out I had 2 hip labral tears, a torn glute, hamstring and calf. Just before the pandemic hit, I was forced to stop working out and seek out some serious physical therapy. It nearly destroyed me, as working out is how I release stress, anxiety and build my confidence. After 16 months of not working out, and not having a ton of luck with physical therapy, I found P.volve and its actually the only thing that has finally gotten me back to a routine of working out after 16 months of frustration and daily pain.”

– Maia M.

“I feel so lucky to have discovered the perfect workout through P.volve. The method is so incredible, precise and effective, triggering all the right muscles. Simply put — brilliant state of the art workout! Muscles I didn’t know I had have awoken and strengthened and I feel better than ever.”

– Lenni C.

“As someone who was struggling to recover from spinal surgery, discovering P.volve was a game-changer. Not only did it allow me to regain the strength I’d lost, but my mobility, flexibility and balance are now better than they have ever been.”

– Reva B.

“My need to go to PT 3 times a week has almost totally diminished. The weak muscles of my lower abdominals, glute medium, and adductors are finally activating correctly and I’m almost pain free. I’m finding more connection in my body than ever before and starting to understand the intricacies of how and why I got injured in the first place. Not to mention the bonus of my body already changing physically after just a month. Most of all I’m noticing how much better I feel in my body day to day, I am happy again, and positive.”

– Maia M.

Get to Know Our Members

Though the majority of our members are women aged thirty or older, our method works for everyone. The average P.volve customer is a hardworking professional who makes time for self-care in their routine. While they care about their appearance, they’re looking for so much more from their workouts. They’ve tried many of the trendy methods on the market and didn’t find something that truly improved their body—until now.

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