P.volve Fitness Franchise

Our Year in Review: Pvolve Franchise

Pvolve had an exciting and prosperous 2022, and we look forward to carrying that growth into the upcoming years. The Pvolve franchise model takes a modern approach to wellness, providing value to franchisees and their members. This science-based approach to fitness combines our one-of-a-kind method and equipment to offer fitness solutions that keep Pvolve fitness boutique studio members coming back while providing multiple revenue streams to franchise owners.

Our commitment to functional and empowering fitness has launched our fitness studios into new locations across the United States and Canada, with 12 new franchise studios in development after the 2022 awarding. Pvolve is excited to be one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises, and the possibility of bringing an elevated level of health and wellness to more cities across the United States and Canada. Continue reading to learn more about the growth and opportunities with Pvolve fitness franchises.

Our Fitness Franchise Growth

In 2022 Pvolve saw immense growth in our company and franchises. Pvolve currently has 3 corporate owned studios in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. And in exciting news, Pvolve signed 8 new franchise development agreements awarded, totaling 12 Pvolve franchise studios in development across the United States and Canada. We are confident that our holistic approach to wellness will award us with several more development agreements in the first quarter of 2023.

In 2022, Pvolve corporate studios showed impressive growth too. Our current Pvolve locations have seen 32% membership growth from the 2021 year, and have recorded that 85% of members purchased a recurring, Unlimited Burn Membership.

In 2022 Pvolve has also grown our team! We have brought on two new team members, to support our mission, Amanda Steckler and Emily Ebsworth. Amanda is Pvolve Manager, Studio & Franchise Marketing, her high energy, innovative local marketing ideas, and unique industry insight make her an asset to the team, and our “go-to” for all things franchise growth. Emily is Pvolve’s Executive Director of Studio Sales & Operations, her commitment to franchise owner success, dedication to fitness, and understanding of boutique fitness studios make her an asset to Pvolve studios from launch and recruitment to day-to-day operations. In addition to our Pvolve team, real estate broker, Colliers, brought on two new members as well.

Pvolve is proud of our growth and success in the past year, and we are excited about the opportunities that 2023 brings. Our comprehensive approach to health and wellness spans into our commitment to franchise owner support and success, giving Pvolve and our new fitness franchise owners a lot to look forward to as we go into the new year.

Fitness Franchisee Quotes

“After more than two years of intensive research and analysis on potential franchise opportunities in the fitness space, Pvolve was by far our top choice,” said Kristin, who will serve as the studio manager in addition to being a co-owner. “Fitness is a central part of our lives and being able to start our own business with such an amazing brand and a hugely dedicated following is a dream come true.”


“When Pvolve franchisees Ben and Cynthia H. were initially looking for franchise opportunities, they couldn’t find anything they were passionate about. “It was frustrating,” said Ben. “We reviewed a lot of brands, but nothing stood out to us. And then one day, Cynthia said, ‘I really wish Pvolve would franchise because they’re so amazing. I told her to check their website and a few minutes later, we found out that they had just opened up franchising.”


“I found Pvolve and fell in love – the impact was wild! I did their program for about six months until things finally started opening back up again, but I found I couldn’t stop the Pvolve program; I became fully addicted. John said to me, “The next thing you find, let’s commit,” and once I got the franchise email, the stars aligned- I knew this was the type of thing I wanted to do.”


“After a long career in the insurance business, I wanted my next chapter to be something that brings wellness to people and I believe I have found it in Pvolve. Pvolve can do good for everyone and I want to shout it from the mountain tops!”


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