P.volve franchise trainer helps member with form during class

How the Pvolve Franchise Earns Member Loyalty

Member retention is an essential component to building a thriving fitness franchise. Afterall, what’s the point of spending time and resources getting new members through the door if they’re not going to stick around? The Pvolve franchise has a robust member retention strategy built into the business. See why members choose Pvolve and how these differentiators benefit your business.

Great Results Yield Great Retention

People are motivated to live a healthy lifestyle for a variety of reasons, from looking their best to relieving stress levels and everything in between. Whatever their motivations, they’re most likely to stick to the methods that work best for their goals.

The Pvolve franchise offers a results-driven method that provides members with a plethora of benefits. Our well-rounded approach to fitness employs a multi-faceted functional method that helps members look and feel their best. This proprietary method was developed to work with the body’s natural function to improve strength, mobility and mind-to-body connection.

As a franchisee, one of the most rewarding parts of owning a Pvolve franchise will be watching your members transform their bodies and, ultimately, their lives. In addition to building perky glutes, lean legs and toned arms, members learn how to prioritize themselves in their busy lives and make space for activities that bring them joy.

As a brand, we strive to communicate that fitness is about more than how you look—t’s about how you feel. Members love the physical results they see using the Pvolve method, but what will truly keep them coming back to your studio is the confidence, energy and sense of achievement they feel after attending classes.

The Power of Community

Group fitness classes invite members into a community of like-minded individuals that offer comradery and inspiration rarely found in big box gyms. Rather than pumping iron alone, members move in tandem to upbeat music while one of our experienced trainers guides them through complex movements. These charismatic trainers provide members with moral support and motivation as they stretch, pulse and P.sit their way through a fiery workout.

The Pvolve franchise helps foster a sense of community both inside and outside the studio through multiple avenues. First and foremost, we strive to create an inclusive environment where people of all ages, ability, race and gender identity feel welcome. Many of our members claim that walking into our studios feels like coming home, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our members thrive off the energy of their trainers and fellow members. Trainers offer hands-on guidance throughout class, helping members master each proprietary movement. Members can often be seen pumping each other up during classes or heading for a post-workout smoothie after class. This tight-knit culture keeps our members motivated and excited to come back to the studio.

Outside the studio, Pvolve hosts a Facebook group where members all over the world can share their successes, seek advice and bond with other members. Corporate moderates this platform to ensure posts fit within our community guidelines and values. Many members will find accountability partners through this Facebook group who will encourage them to keep true to themselves.

The Pvolve culture benefits your fitness franchise by creating a devoted community that is loyal to your studio.

Membership Options & Flexibility

Your Pvolve franchise will offer various membership options to match your members’ lifestyles. For members who know they can only make it to the studio a few times a month, you’ll offer class packs. Members who crave more flexibility can opt for the Unlimited Burn Membership, which will give them unrestricted access to in-studio and online classes anytime. Studio goers can also schedule private training sessions to receive one-on-one attention from an experienced trainer.

Unlike many other fitness franchises, Pvolve doesn’t require members to enter into complicated contracts. We stand by our results, and we know that once members give us a try, they’ll be hooked. This flexibility gives members confidence in our studio and causes them to continue to choose Pvolve.

Learn More About the Pvolve Franchise

Get to know what makes the Pvolve franchise stand out and see how these key drivers position your future studio for growth. To chat with a member of our franchise team directly, reach out now.

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