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5 Ways Pvolve Stands Outs as the Best New Fitness Franchise

At Pvolve, we’ve never been afraid to be different. We’ve challenged the status quo in the fitness industry that told us “no pain, no gain.” Our proprietary method was founded on the principle that fitness doesn’t have to hurt to give you unbelievable results. And while this mission is a defining characteristic of our brand, it’s far from the only thing that sets us apart. Learn what makes Pvolve the best new fitness franchise in the industry.

1. We’re One-of-a-Kind (Literally)

Our unique method employs low-impact, high-intensity movements to sculpt muscles while improving the body’s overall function. This safe but incredibly effective workout not only helps our members look their best, but also has the power to improve posture, reduce pain and so much more. This revolutionary workout is paired with patented equipment developed to enhance results and challenge the body.

As a franchisee, your Pvolve studio will offer your market a totally new way to work out. You won’t be competing with big box gyms or outdated HIIT studios; you’ll be in a category all your own.

2. Any Body is Welcome

From the expecting mother looking for a safe way to sweat to the long-time fitness enthusiast eager for a challenging workout, anybody can earn their best body with our approachable method. The Pvolve method uses low-impact movements that are accessible for people of varying age and ability. The more members workout, the better they become at performing precision movements that target even the most stubborn muscle groups to build overall strength.

The accessible nature of our method means we attract a wide range of members, making it easier for you to find new customers.

3. We’re Digitally Native

Our user-friendly app and robust digital platform have been a part of Pvolve since the start. When gyms began to close in 2020, many companies struggled to film online classes in an attempt to keep members engaged with their brand. Thanks to our fully developed digital presence, Pvolve was well prepared for this pivot.

The Pvolve app features a library of hundreds of on-demand workouts and series that lets our members attend class wherever they are. Our live-stream classes even put their favorite trainers into their living rooms where they can get the in-studio experience at home. These value-added options helped us retain more studio memberships by keeping customers engaged while they waited for studios to reopen.

Your Pvolve studio will offer hybrid memberships that grant customers access to our digital platform in addition to in-studio classes. This is just another way your studio will provide exceptional value to your members.

4. Made for Social Distancing

Unlike many other fitness franchises, Pvolve studios were well-equipped to handle social distancing guidelines. Due to the nature of our workout, members need six feet or more of space to perform many of our movements. Our airy but economically sized studios house only one class at a time, allowing us to clean according to our rigorous standards in between classes. Our members feel our studios are a safe space, and we’ve done everything in our power to keep it that way.

5. Backed by Science

Pvolve’s sustainable fitness method was developed with the help of our medical advisory board, a panel of medical doctors and health experts at the top of their fields. These professionals have verified our method’s good-for-you nature and helped us develop curriculum that teaches our trainers about the “why” behind each movement. When your members attend class, they won’t just be working out. They’ll be learning about their health and how the body is meant to move.

Own the Best New Fitness Franchise

Pvolve is unlike any other boutique fitness franchise on the market. With standout differentiators and a one-of-a-kind method, our values-driven brand is positioned for exponential growth. Learn more about what it takes to open a Pvolve studio by reaching out to our team.

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