Why Pvolve is a Perfect Franchise for Women

Why Pvolve is a Perfect Franchise for Women

Historically, women have been an underrepresented group in franchise ownership. However, this disparity in the industry seems to be changing. Trends show that more and more women are taking control of their futures by investing in franchise ownership. According to a report by Franchise Business Review, there has been a 24% increase in women-owned franchises over the last 10 years!

The Pvolve franchise tends to attract female entrepreneurs interested in a brand that benefits women and reflects their values. Learn what makes Pvolve one of the best new fitness franchises for women looking to build a business of their very own.

We’re Woman-Founded and Woman-Owned

Our founder and CEO Rachel Katzman is the passionate leader that continues to drive Pvolve forward. After graduating university, Rachel struggled to find a workout that was both effective and gentle on her body. Trendy workout classes exacerbated her pain from scoliosis, and she wasn’t seeing the results she wanted. When Rachel found functional fitness, her body transformed. Not only was she her strongest self, but she had better posture, better sleep and felt less pain. This discovery inspired her to found Pvolve, a radically new boutique fitness franchise.

Rachel continues to help other women follow their passion for business through our fitness franchise. Much of our corporate team is also comprised of ambitious women who are experts in their crafts.

Our Customer Base is Made of Women

While the Pvolve franchise welcomes any and all into our studios, our customer base is primarily made of women. Women tend to love the communal aspect of group fitness and feel empowered by working out next to their classmates. With busy lives, thriving careers and families to care for, they love being able to pop into a studio to take a moment for themselves.

Since we know our audience, much of Pvolve’s national marketing initiatives focus on empowering women to become better in tune with their bodies. As part of our campaigns, we’re removing the shame and stigma around discussions about women’s bodies to promote self-love. As a franchisee, you’ll benefit from these national marketing campaigns while driving awareness for your fitness franchise.

The Pvolve Workout Helps Women Feel Their Best

The Pvolve method was created with guidance from our Clinical Advisory Board, made of medical doctors and health experts. Some of our movements focus on strengthening specific parts of women’s bodies, such as the pelvic floor muscles, to improve overall function.

Our fitness franchise has also launched a women’s health and wellness program called Phase & Function. This complete wellness program inspires women to harness the power of their menstrual cycle to create balance within the body and mind. This clinically backed program includes member-specific workouts, nutrition plan, cycle tracking and so much more. Developed under the guidance of experts in health, nutrition and medicine, this revolutionary program is a huge differentiator for your fitness franchise.

Own One of the Best Franchises for Women

Do you want to help women discover their power while building a business you’re passionate about? Get in touch with our team to learn more about the Pvolve franchise opportunity.

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