A female P.volve trainer helps a member prepare for a workout.

What’s New at the Pvolve Franchise

There are lots of new developments happening at the Pvolve franchise, making this a particularly exciting time for potential franchisees to consider joining our team. Keep reading to find out what’s new at our boutique gym franchise and why you should consider becoming part of our fitness family today.

New Pvolve Franchise Openings in Progress

Although Pvolve has only been franchising since 2017, we are growing at a fast pace with new gyms opening in San Diego, Nashville, and our first international location in Canada! With so much potential for growth and no signs of slowing down, it is no wonder why so many passionate entrepreneurs are looking to team up with Pvolve.

Creating Well-Rounded Solutions for Women

At Pvolve, we are always looking for innovative ways to advise women on how to improve their health and feel better no matter how busy life gets. Our on demand workout library gives members the opportunity to continue working out with us even when they can’t make it to a studio. As a franchisee, this can benefit you by helping you cultivate a community that is passionate about fitness, ultimately expanding the value your Pvolve franchise offers its members.

Introducing Pvolve Nutrition

Additionally, for post-workout, Pvolve rolled out a supplement that is designed to speed up the recovery process. Recover 9 is our clinically backed, first-to-market supplement that can help build lean muscle, reduce soreness, and help individuals move pain-free. Our new supplement is made of the highest-quality ingredients, including pomegranate fruit extract and all 9 essential amino acids, which are essential for improving muscle recovery.

Having Recover 9 in your array of benefits helps you as a Pvolve franchise owner provide more value to your members and, moreover, creates greater visibility for the brand.

Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness

Our mission at Pvolve is to help heal the body naturally, so we recently refreshed our brand to align with our purpose. We’re reintroducing Pvolve as a Method, changing the way women expect more from their fitness routines, so they can more effectively strengthen, nourish, and restore their bodies. When you choose to open up a boutique gym franchise with us, you can become part of this revolutionary movement and keep members engaged and focused, so they can better improve their health and achieve their goals.

Join the Pvolve Family by Opening up a Gym Franchise in Your Market!

Do you want to become part of a boutique gym franchise that is shaping the future of wellness? The Pvolve franchise may be the right fit for you and your business goals.

Our boutique gym franchise is focused blending healthcare and fitness for our members and we’re eager to share our growth with passionate, like-minded entrepreneurs. Learn more about what it takes to become a Pvolve studio owner by reaching out to us to find out about the qualifications. We are waiting to hear from you!

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