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Finding Freedom Through Franchising

Fitness franchises offer aspiring entrepreneurs with a passion for wellness an opportunity to start a business they love. Many people are drawn to the prospect of owning their own business because it allows for personal and financial freedom. Rather than spending late nights at the office working for someone else, you could build a legacy of your very own.

Learn how franchising with Pvolve can help you take back your life and what we do to make your transition to franchise ownership a seamless process.

From Corporate Life to Franchise Ownership

Many of our franchise candidates are executive level leaders itching to strike out on their own. They have the experience and know-how to become a business owner, but they’re looking to partner with an established brand.

At Pvolve, we help make your transition into franchise ownership as smooth as possible with training, launch support and guidance from an experienced business consultant. We’ll work with you to understand your strengths and help fill in the gaps as much as possible. Remember, corporate doesn’t act as your boss. We’re more like your business advisor who can provide you with the right amount of support for you.

Prioritize What Matters Most to You

Business ownership can provide better work/life balance by giving you control over your schedule. While fitness franchise ownership requires hands-on management to launch your business and keep it running smoothly, you get to dictate what that looks like. You can build your schedule around your responsibilities and priorities.

A big component to structuring your business for better work/life balance is hiring the right team. Your studio manager should be able to take the reins when you’re out of the office, giving you the space to focus on business growth and personal priorities.

Prior to launch, our corporate team will help you recruit and select a studio manager that best matches your needs as a business owner. We’ll then provide resources and assistance to get your management team ready for your grand opening.

Gain Financial Freedom

When you own your own fitness franchise, your earnings aren’t tied to hours worked or capped at a certain salary. Your earning potential is entirely up to you.

Some franchisees are happy with opening and operating a single studio. Others are motivated to build out an entire market. Whichever type of franchisee you are, you’ll have complete control over the growth of your business. We’ll offer the support and tools you need to get you where you want to go.

Align Your Passion with Your Pursuits

The best franchise owners are those that feel passionately connected to their brand and mission. While Pvolve’s differentiated method, multiple revenue streams and luxury branding may be a big pull for candidates, most choose to pursue franchise ownership with us because of the impact we make on members.

The Pvolve method is more than a way for members to achieve a sculpted body. Our functional fitness franchise helps members improve their day-to-day lives through purposeful exercises that mimic the way the body is meant to move. Learn more about our method here.

Invest in a Fitness Franchise

The boutique fitness industry is on the rise and Pvolve is growing in regions across the country. Claim your market before someone else does. Reach out to our team to learn more!

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