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Get to Know Our Co-Founder, Rachel Katzman

Rachel Katzman is the visionary behind the Pvolve brand and our favorite co-founder. Leading our team with contagious passion and a customer-centric approach, Rachel works to establish Pvolve as a revolutionary fitness brand. Learn how Rachel’s fitness journey drove her to found Pvolve and why our mission is so important.

A Better Way to Work Out

Like many others, Rachel noticed her body start to change once she got to college. In an effort to shed the excess weight and get her confidence back, Rachel attended nearly every trendy fitness class New York City had to offer. After countless classes, Rachel still didn’t see the results she wanted and felt exhausted. It was during this time Rachel found out she had scoliosis, which was only being exacerbated by intense fitness classes.

Everything changed when Rachel found functional fitness. This type of fitness method uses movements that work with the body’s natural function—not against it. Soon, Rachel started to experience unbelievable results that not only transformed her physique, but helped her sleep better, stand straighter and reduce pain. Functional fitness had truly changed her life.

This epiphany gave Rachel a bright idea. She wanted to harness the power of functional fitness to create a method that could help people better understand their bodies and achieve incredible results. And so, Pvolve was born.

Let’s Get Down to Business

At the time of Pvolve’s founding, Rachel was no stranger to business. An entrepreneur with a passion for improving women’s lives, Rachel also founded Cuvée Beauty, a unique haircare brand that infuses Champagne extract into everyday products that make users feel their best.

Rachel’s eye for differentiated positioning and luxurious branding have helped turn Pvolve into the global sensation it is today. However, if you were to ask Rachel, our always-humble co-founder would give credit to the team she’s built at Pvolve.

Rachel says, “I wouldn’t be where I was today without these people, and I am thankful for them every single day. They work tirelessly to serve our community and to realize our shared goal: to bring this method to every person in the world.”

Similarly, both our corporate team and our franchisees are proud to work alongside Rachel. In fact, Forbes listed Pvolve as one of the best startup employers to work for in 2020. Our positioning as a top company to work for enables us to attract best-in-class leaders who work to continuously improve our franchise offerings.

The Future is Looking Bright

Looking ahead, Pvolve continues to disrupt the fitness industry with inspired new equipment and value-added services. We’ve also announced the creation of our official clinical advisory board, an all-star team of seasoned medical doctors and experts who advise us on equipment development and workout routines.

With Rachel’s creative vision, an experienced executive team and incredible franchisees building studios in markets across the U.S., Pvolve is positioned for exponential growth. Become a leader of the functional fitness movement by investing in a Pvolve franchise of your very own.

Reach out to our team to learn more.

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