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Meet the Pvolve Franchise Team: Emily Ebsworth

At Pvolve, our franchise team is passionate about our Method and fully believes in our functional fitness concept, which is essential to our growth. Emily Ebsworth recently joined our team and works closely with franchise partners and studio managers, coaching them on all things Pvolve. Continue reading to know more about Emily and how people like her can help you build the fitness franchise of your dreams.


Before Emily joined the team at Pvolve, she owned two of her own fitness franchise units, which gave her the knowledge necessary to help educate and strategize alongside our franchise partners. The passion and unique culture of our brand was something Emily connected with and, more importantly, she believes in what our Method can do for the body. As a user of the Method herself, Emily felt stronger and more energized in ways that were incomparable to any other fitness product, further reinforcing her passion for our brand.


When it comes to helping franchise partners draw in new members, the Pvolve team provides an invaluable amount of support.

“Our creative marketing team are masters in their craft. Through social, PR, and digital media, our content and communication strategies will help future members get to know our mission while staying true to our brand,” Emily says. “Getting out into the community to actively engage with our consumers, truly making human connections, is how we consistently meet new members.”

The more people know about your Pvolve franchise, the more lives you can touch, and improve as you pursue your entrepreneurial goals.


Pvolve is unlike anything else in the fitness industry – not just because of our unique Method, but also because of how we treat our franchise partners.

“We truly care about each and every one of the franchisees in our network and we want to help them succeed,” Emily says. Pvolve is built on the strong relationships we form every day. From our franchise partners and members to incredible team members like Emily, our fitness franchise’s growth is owed to the drive, intelligence, creativity, and passion of everyone involved. You can rely on our franchise network and members of our team for the support and guidance you need when you become part of our fitness franchise family.


If you’re passionate about health and wellness and want to join us as leaders in the fitness industry, now’s your chance to find out more about what it takes to join the Pvolve franchise. We’re looking for franchisees who are just as driven as our members and are natural born leaders. Schedule a call with us today to request more information about this incredible business opportunity, so you can get started on the process of opening your very own Pvolve franchise. Our team is waiting to hear from you!

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