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Franchise & Team Member Training

To help our franchisees replicate our polished business model and meet our brand standards, Pvolve provides in-depth franchise and team member training. Our goal is to create consistent, quality customer experiences while helping our franchisees get their business started on the right foot. Let’s dive into more detail about our robust training programs and franchise support.

Get in the Know with Franchise Training

While business experience and acumen is a prerequisite for becoming a Pvolve franchisee, there will always be a bit of a learning curve when you become a franchise owner. You’ll need to learn about Pvolve’s brand, culture, standards and the little intricacies that make your studio special. To make this process easier, we’ll invite you to two weeks of in-person and online franchise training.

In this training, you’ll learn all about the brand, studio operations, finding the right trainers and so much more. You’ll get to know core corporate team members who will act as teachers and resources throughout your journey to becoming a gym franchise owner. Some of these team members will also be your go-to throughout the real estate, construction and build out processes.

Our company culture is important to our brand. Each of our corporate and franchise team members work to maintain a welcoming environment that encourages collaboration and growth. During the franchise training process, you’ll be able to establish lasting professional relationships with our team and your fellow franchisees.

Hire and Train an Elite Team

Recruiting and onboarding the right team members are crucial to the success of your studio. We take great care in helping you hire the managers and trainers that best reflect Pvolve’s values and growth-oriented mindset.

Your studio managers will also undergo training with our corporate team to give them a deeper understanding of our brand and studio operations. Our lead trainers will also come on-site at your studio to help get your first trainers ready for the grand opening.

Great Trainers Make a Great Product

Our trainers are the heart and soul of our brand. They act as guides, teaching our members how to unlock their bodies’ true potential and improve their day-to-day lives through fitness. It’s an important job that requires dedication, charisma and skill.

As you begin to staff your new studio, you’ll hold trainer auditions. A member from our training team will be there to help you assess applicants and zero in on the right hires. Not only will we look at experience and physical capability, but we’ll also take things like personality, coachability and energy into account.

Best-in-Class Training

Pvolve’s robust training program differentiates our model from other gym franchises. Your trainers must undergo 100 hours of training to make it to the studio floor. This training goes far beyond teaching new hires how to perform the movements or use our proprietary equipment.

With a focus on body mechanics, trainers learn high-level knowledge about anatomy, kinesiology and so much more. Your trainers then use this knowledge to guide members through challenging workouts that truly benefit their bodies. Our training courses have been reviewed by an expert panel of medical professionals to ensure all the information is factual, relevant and up to date with the latest scientific evidence.

Get to Know Pvolve

Want to see what else makes Pvolve special? Head to this blog to learn more about our unique concept and standout gym franchise model from the people who know it best. Or better yet, get in contact with our team.

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