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Meet the Pvolve Franchise Marketing Team: Amanda Steckler

At Pvolve, our franchise marketing team is committed to helping franchisees like you grow a thriving business. Amanda Steckler is a recent member of our team who has an extensive background in marketing and has worked for brands like Equinox and Snap Kitchen. Like every member of our fitness franchise, Amanda is passionate about health, wellness, helping others, and believes in the Pvolve brand. Keep on reading to learn more about Amanda and her journey with our fitness franchise.


“I’m a big believer in the power of functional fitness and have trained this way for years, so when I found Pvolve, it felt like a dream come true,” Amanda says. “I’m a self-proclaimed exercise geek, so being part of a Method that is promoting sustainable exercise that will truly help you not only look, but also feel your best, regardless of what age you are – that’s a game-changer!”

Passion is a big part of what brings the Pvolve family together, whether you are a franchisee, a member of our franchise marketing team, or a trainer in a studio. When you open a fitness franchise with us, you can rely on team members like Amanda to have as much dedication as you do to the growth of your business, ensuring you reach and help as many people as possible.


“The beautiful thing about Pvolve is that we already have people loyal to the Method across the country and world,” Amanda says. Our franchise model is shaking things up in the boutique fitness industry with an omnichannel platform, proprietary equipment, and more. Pvolve’s ability to stand out is part of why members keep coming back for more and how we continue to attract new members.

“There is an exceptionally loyal, on demand following that exists and can’t wait to experience the Pvolve Method in person,” she added.


To help our franchisees draw in new members, Pvolve uses 3 company owned studios as a testing ground. “We’re testing so many new and exciting initiatives at a studio level,” Amanda says. “Before we ever suggest a marketing tactic or vendor to our franchisees, we’ve tested it at a company studio and can speak to how and why this works for us.” Through this approach, our franchisees can feel confident in our ability to create greater brand awareness and help them retain and grow membership.


If you are excited about joining Pvolve’s functional fitness movement and have a passion for health and wellness, you may be an ideal franchisee and we want to hear from you! Our team will give you the support and guidance you need to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams and build a thriving business in the fitness industry. Call us today to request more information and find out if you have what it takes to own a Pvolve franchise.

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