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Behind the Brand: What Powers Your Pvolve Fitness Studio?

When you become a Pvolve franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to open a boutique fitness studio franchise unlike any your community has seen before. With unique differentiators that provide your members with exceptional value, your Pvolve studio will be the clear choice for people looking for a sustainable fitness solution.

There are two cornerstones that power our brand: passion and innovation. These principles are a part of everything we do. From our leadership to our method, learn how these essential elements help us empower franchisees to open their own gym franchise.

We’re Driven by Passion

Our story started with founder and CEO, Rachel Katzman. After trying every trendy workout on the market, Rachel still struggled to achieve her fitness goals in a way that didn’t exacerbate her scoliosis. When she found functional fitness, she began to look and feel better than she ever had. Rachel knew that a functional fitness method is what the industry was missing. This inspired the development of our proprietary method and gym franchise opportunity.

Since then, we’ve built a team that believes in our mission to help members reduce pain, gain self-confidence and improve their body’s overall function. Whether you speak to a trainer at a studio or an executive at our corporate office, you’ll find the same contagious excitement on every level.

This passion is a driving force behind our growth. Each day, our team is motivated by our mission to make a difference in our members’ lives. Our franchisees share our values and use their passion for health and wellness to build a business they love.

Innovation is in Our Nature

We’re taking functional fitness mainstream. What once was reserved for athletes and physical therapy patients can now be accessed by Pvolve members all over the world. We’ve spiced up functional fitness with proprietary exercises combined with patented equipment that results in a challenging but approachable workout. Learn how Pvolve is shaking up the fitness studio franchise industry with innovative differentiators.

The Method Making Headlines

The Pvolve method has earned attention from the likes of top models, influencers and even publications like Vogue and Vanity Fair. And while we’re proud of the recognition, we’re even more proud of the feedback we get from our everyday members.

Our method uses high-intensity, low-impact movements to activate whole muscles and effectively sculpt the body. Each movement challenges the body to move in the way it’s meant to move, resulting in better overall function. Each week, we hear a new story from a member whose life has been changed by our method. From cancer-survivors to new mothers and everyone in between, our membership spans a spectrum of people who have found strength through Pvolve.

Grab a P.Band

Our patented equipment was developed to intensify our members’ results by complementing our proprietary method. Your members will love the way each piece targets specific muscle groups, making for a more satisfying workout. You’ll love how easy it is to store this streamlined equipment in your studio and the potential to earn additional revenue from equipment sales.

Hybrid Memberships

Virtual fitness has been a part of our model since the very beginning. Our robust Pvolve app enables members to access hundreds of on-demand videos and series from anywhere, anytime. We also host live-stream classes, giving members the in-studio experience at home. Your Pvolve gym franchise will offer hybrid memberships that will give your customers access to in-studio and virtual classes, creating extraordinary value.

Join Us on Our Mission

Are you passionate about changing lives through health and wellness? Learn how you can open your own Pvolve studio now. Get started by reaching out to our team.

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