Pvolve fitness class at a fitness franchise with women exercising using Pvolve equipment including the P.ball, Precision Mat, and hand weights

Proven Success Stories

Pvolve is a revolutionary fitness franchise that has transformed the industry with its unique approach to functional fitness. Pvolve has expanded from three affiliate studios into a formidable network of 35 franchise locations in development, with an additional 40 awarded. Our exponential growth is a testament to the effectiveness of our science-led workouts and innovative equipment, showcasing the immense potential for franchise owners to thrive in the competitive fitness landscape. Join us as we delve into the stories of success, explore our commitment to ensuring franchisee success, and hear firsthand testimonials from our thriving Pvolve franchise community.

Pvolve Growth

In 2023, Pvolve experienced unprecedented growth, expanding its reach and impact in the fitness world. The first quarter saw the successful launch of our San Diego franchise, strategically positioned in one of Pvolve’s top 20 digital markets. Led by Kirstin and John Keohane, this opening paved the way for a series of new franchises across the United States and Canada. From Northwest Suburbs, IL, to Bergen County, NJ, and from Carlsbad, CA, to Fort Worth, TX, our franchise network continued to expand, with additional locations in Nashville, TN, Columbia, SC, Calgary, and Victoria. The momentum continued in Q2, with new studios awarded in Salt Lake City, UT, Atlanta, GA, and Marina Del Rey, CA. As of spring 2024, Pvolve has welcomed new locations in Tampa, FL, San Francisco, CA, and Houston, TX.

Our collaboration with actress Jennifer Aniston further solidified our position as a leader in wellness and fitness, inspiring individuals worldwide to pursue their fitness goals through our innovative approach.

Ensuring Success

At Pvolve, we understand the critical role of a robust strategy in ensuring the success of a fitness business. With dedicated support from our team, franchisees receive assistance in generating maximum leads from presale to studio opening and beyond. Our innovative marketing ideas and content marketing strategies help franchisees stand out in the competitive fitness market. Each franchisee gains access to a suite of approved marketing assets and receives guidance in social media marketing to create engaging profiles for their locations. With the recognized Pvolve brand backing them, franchisees gain audience recognition and trust. With access to approved marketing assets and ongoing support from our franchise business coaches, we ensure that all fitness studios thrive in their respective markets.

Pvolve’s cutting-edge method and unparalleled support lay the foundation for a solid client base, high member retention, and minimal customer churn. Pvolve has garnered an incredible reputation and a loyal following through our dedication to providing exceptional science-led workouts. Our innovative approach, combining functional movements and resistance-based exercises, ensures maximum effectiveness and delivers transformative outcomes.

Fitness Franchisee Quotes

“Pvolve’s method is different, building fitness by focusing on the way your body moves in life. Pvolve’s studios are an important channel for delivering this message, and I’m proud that we’re going to be the first to make it available in Canada.”

-Lucille Cuell, Victoria Pvolve Franchise Owner

“I’ve had so much help and support from the franchise team… the best experience so far has been the franchise owner training. Coming to Chicago and getting to meet people in person was so rewarding. From the beginning, Pvolve has felt so authentic and like they really care. The process has been so great and really organic.”

-Emily Reid, Pvolve Fort Worth Franchise Owner

“After more than two years of intensive research and analysis on potential franchise opportunities in the fitness space, Pvolve was by far our top choice,” said Kristin, who will serve as the studio manager in addition to being a co-owner. “Fitness is a central part of our lives and being able to start our own business with such an amazing brand and a hugely dedicated following is a dream come true.”

-Kristin & Jeff S., Pvolve Carlsbad/Encinitas Franchise Owners

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