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3 Fitness Business Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Fitness Studio

Each fitness studio is different, and fitness marketing strategies offer the opportunity to set your fitness franchise apart. Marketing is a great way to establish a relationship with your community and showcase why individuals should choose to become a member. Fitness business marketing strategies can be just as unique and enjoyable as the studio itself, making ongoing marketing efforts successful and uncomplicated. Below are a few successful fitness marketing strategies to help make fitness studio marketing easier. Continue reading to learn more about fitness studio referral programs, video content marketing, and creating fitness challenges.

Videos in Content Marketing

We are living in the “digital age”, a time where we can engage with our target audience in an organic way through social media. As the digital landscape evolves, so do marketing strategies. To give your fitness studio an edge, it is important to stay current with trends and implement them into your marketing strategies. Currently, videos in content marketing are in high demand.

Sharing short, informational, and entertaining videos on Instagram is a great way to grab attention and generate interest. Videos in fitness content marketing can include anything from testimonials and class montages to trainer explanations of movements. These video content practices have been proven successful with 90% of survey respondents claiming that they rely on online testimonials prior to making a purchase.

Create Fitness Challenges

Fitness challenges are successful in encouraging healthy competition, engaging with current members, and recruiting new members. By developing a sense of community, fitness challenges will not only aid in membership growth but also in utilization and member retention. Fitness challenges give participants the opportunity to track their progress and hold themselves accountable.

Creating challenges and promoting them on digital channels will lead participants to participate in and promote these challenges online, building community and generating interest and leads for your fitness studio. By challenging participants to 30 days of utilization including taking 15 classes in 30 days, they will achieve measurable results worth sharing.

Fitness Studio Referral Program

Fitness studio referral programs are a successful way to build community and increase membership in your fitness studio. We can all agree that when we try a product or service and love the experience, we will share that with our friends and colleagues. When a fitness studio has a referral program, the current member and newly-referred client will be incentivized by a special offer. This will make the member feel as though they’re sharing a deal with their friend while receiving a reward for doing so. Gym referral programs benefit each party involved, proving successful in membership growth.

Fitness studio referral programs can include a free trial, membership discount, and prizes. Whether it be a free month, 20% off to each party of the referral program, or free in-house merchandise, when both the referrer and referee are rewarded, membership growth will be encouraged. A successful referral program is simple, honest, and has a relevant reward.

How Pvolve Supports Franchisee Marketing Strategies

When you are a part of the Pvolve franchisee community, our team will share strategies that have been tested at our corporate owned studios and support to market your Pvolve fitness studio. As a part of the Pvolve brand, you will benefit from Pvolve brand recognition. You will also have access to a suite of approved marketing assets, assistance in creating social media profiles for your location, and ongoing support from your franchise business coach. Pvolve is committed to aiding our franchisees in becoming successful, while also giving them the freedom to be their own boss.

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