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Get to Know the Pvolve Member

Pvolve is lucky to have amazing, loyal members all over the world. Whether they’re showing up to our studios or logging in online, our members are dedicated to bettering themselves, one workout at a time.

When our first Pvolve studio opened in the heart of Chinatown, NYC, we became an instant favorite of top models and influencers. But soon, our method spread globally as people everywhere discovered our results-oriented, approachable workout.

Today, our member base is as unique as our workout. From the working mom who needs to squeeze a workout in between meetings and school pick-ups to the former athlete recovering from an injury, the Pvolve method can help anyone discover their best body ever. Learn more about the members that will power your Pvolve fitness franchise.

Everyone’s Welcome

We strive to create an inclusive environment at our studios so that every member feels welcome. Our trainers are taught how to encourage members and correct their form without the harsh rhetoric that can be heard at some other types of fitness franchises. Our goal isn’t to push our members to their limit every class, but to empower them to discover their own strength through purposeful movements.

This defining quality has helped to create a diverse member base. While the majority of our members are women, you’ll spot people in class ranging from age 30 to 65 and everything in between. These members represent people of varying body types, ability and health histories, but each has made a commitment to bettering themselves through fitness.

A Better Way to Work Out

Pvolve’s revolutionary method doesn’t just help our members look their best, it helps them feel their best, too. Our science-meets-fitness approach is inspired by physical therapy and functional fitness best practices, culminating into a challenging but accessible workout for all body types. Our method was developed with the guidance of our clinical advisory board made up of doctors and medical experts who have given us their prestigious stamp of approval.

People come to our studios for a variety of different reasons. Some want leaner legs and toned arms. Others are looking for a fitness method that doesn’t put stress on their joints. But more and more often, members join our studios in search of the life-changing benefits of our method. Our members have reported significant improvements in everything from the quality of their sleep to their postures to their sex lives—each claiming Pvolve was responsible for these changes.

Whatever the reason your members arrive at your Pvolve fitness franchise, with continued dedication, they’ll discover the transformative effects of our method.

Snapshot of a Pvolve Member

A typical Pvolve studio member is a hardworking professional hoping to improve both her physical health and overall wellbeing. She’s looking for a workout she can fit in her busy schedule that challenges her without depleting her energy. She loves our hybrid memberships because they allow her to catch a class after work or access workouts on her phone when she’s too swamped to make it to the studio.

While she’s no stranger to boutique fitness, she couldn’t stick with any of the trendy workouts she tried. Each fell short of delivering the kinds of results she was looking for… that is, until she found Pvolve. Now, she can’t stop telling her friends how great she feels. She’s a part of our Pvolve Facebook group and loves sharing her personal bests with our community.

Become a Part of Pvolve

When you open a Pvolve fitness franchise, you’re creating a community hub that allows members to become their best selves. Help more members discover the transformative power of the Pvolve method now. To learn more about becoming a Pvolve studio owner, get our free franchise guide.

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