Women exercising at a Pvolve fitness studio using signature Pvolve equipment

Franchisee Spotlight: Ashley Dechant Jones

We are thrilled to introduce Ashley Dechant Jones, the driving force behind the upcoming Pvolve Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ashley’s skills from the corporate finance world to fitness franchise ownership exemplifies the profound impact of Pvolve’s functional fitness approach. Her journey underscores the transformative potential of embracing a functional fitness regimen. As Ashley embarks on this exciting venture with a Pvolve community, we invite you to join us in uncovering her inspiring story, dedication to Pvolve, and vision for the Salt Lake City studio. As she prepares to bring the Pvolve experience to her community, join us in discovering Ashley’s story, her passion for Pvolve, and her vision for the Salt Lake City studio.

Embracing the Pvolve Method

Ashley’s introduction to Pvolve came through her sister Kirstin, owner of the San Diego studio. Initially hesitant, Ashley quickly became enamored with the transformative power of Pvolve’s functional fitness approach. Ashley was drawn to the holistic nature of Pvolve’s method, recognizing its potential to positively impact lives. Her belief in the science-led approach and the supportive Pvolve community inspired her to pursue franchise ownership, eager to share the benefits of Pvolve with the Salt Lake City community.

As construction commences at the Salt Lake City studio, Ashley is focused on creating a welcoming environment where members can thrive. With her extensive experience as a Pvolve enthusiast and her sister’s guidance, Ashley is well-equipped to lead her team and deliver exceptional studio experiences. Ashley’s passion for community-building shines through as she finalizes the site and launch schedule. She is building a studio that fosters members’ connections and hosts events promoting wellness and community.

Excited about the future of Pvolve, Ashley envisions leveraging clinical studies and expanding its reach to transform lives across different communities. Her commitment to offering on-demand workouts and live virtual classes reflects her dedication to providing members with flexible and accessible fitness solutions. Through her own journey and passion for Pvolve, Ashley is poised to profoundly impact the wellness landscape of Salt Lake City and beyond.

Owning a Boutique Fitness Franchise Studio

Pvolve stands at the forefront of functional fitness, guided by science and innovation, offering transformative experiences to members worldwide. Opting for a Pvolve franchise means joining a vibrant community united by a shared commitment to wellness. Our experienced support team will assist you every step of the way, from site selection to studio construction, providing comprehensive training and ongoing guidance. As a Pvolve franchise owner, you’ll have the freedom to run your business while benefiting from the expertise of a dedicated franchise business coach. Contact our team today to explore the exciting opportunities awaiting you with Pvolve franchising.

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