Gym Franchises are a Hot Investment—Here’s Why

Gym Franchises are a Hot Investment—Here’s Why

Over the past few decades, people have come to realize that physical exercise is essential to their health and overall wellbeing. This scientifically and medically backed conjecture has caused an increase in gym memberships, with many people opting for the gym environment over home workouts.

With a popular concept, dedicated members and more benefits, gym franchises are an attractive opportunity for aspiring business owners. Learn what else makes boutique gym franchises a great investment.

Boutique Fitness is a Booming Industry

Whether you’re a boutique fitness fanatic yourself or have noticed small studios pop up around your city, you’re likely aware of the popularity of specialty gym franchises. Between 2013 and 2017, the boutique fitness industry increased its memberships by 121%.

Rather than spending $40 a month on traditional gym franchises, many fitness enthusiasts are choosing to spend about $40 a class, on average, to participate in group fitness classes. Not only do members enjoy the social environment, but many members make their favorite gym franchise a part of their identity, investing time and money into this good-for-you hobby.

Benefit from Brand Recognition

Gym franchises have a proven model and possibly locations all over. This brand awareness can make it easier for you to generate buzz in your city and find members familiar with your studio.

Even relatively small boutique fitness studios may have a cult following that will help your new business gain a reputation in your market. For example, Pvolve is a new fitness franchise, but has members across the U.S. and abroad. Our digital platform has enabled us to create demand in fresh markets, which in turn benefits our franchise owners.

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

Many entrepreneurs choose to start gym franchises rather than independent businesses because franchise systems come complete with training, support and other resources. This type of structure and support can simplify the launch process and help you get your business up and running faster. Plus, there is always someone to act as your trusted business advisor, giving you expert insight into the business and the industry.

Gym Members Are Committed

Fitness is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle. People who work out are committed to their health and generally consider a fitness regimen a non-negotiable part of their routine. This is especially true of the boutique fitness industry.

Pvolve, in part, keeps its members engaged by inviting them to be part of a larger community. Our members create relationships amongst themselves, making friends and accountability partners. We also facilitate a Facebook group where our members post progress pictures, ask for advice and hype each other up, empowering each of their peers to be the best they can be. We love to see it!

Learn More About the Pvolve Franchise

Get in on the ground floor with the hottest gym franchise on the market—Pvolve. To learn more about this gym franchise opportunity, reach out to our team.

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