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An Insider Look at a New Fitness Franchise

Pvolve is reframing the way we think about fitness, one franchise at a time. With a scientifically backed approach to fitness, our members can achieve better total body wellness and improve their bodies’ overall function. But that’s not the only thing that sets this new fitness franchise apart. Our corporate office is filled with passionate, qualified, and ambitious leaders who embody our core values. Let’s hear what some of these talented team members think franchisees should know about Pvolve.

Julie Cartwright – President

Hey, Julie! So, we’re curious, if a franchise candidate asked you for the top reasons they should join the system, what would you say?

Julie: First, our business model. We are omni-channel: digital and physical membership value for the client and the business owner. Second, our concept. We are a relevant and sustainable fitness solution (physical therapy inspired moves, dynamic stretching, functional movements) that isn’t available in other fitness concepts. Third, franchisor support. We are committed to the success of our franchisee, and they will be an extension of our internal team from training to location selection—everything matters. Lastly, brand strength. We have committed resources focused on driving our brand’s value globally.

How would you describe the Pvolve team?

Julie: The Pvolve team is a highly driven and extremely collaborative group that is committed to a “better is better” mentality. I can honestly say I have never worked alongside such a passionate group of individuals who share collective wins and strive to push our company forward every day. And most importantly, we have an unwavering commitment to our customer. We believe in the value our method brings into people’s lives, and we put the customer at the center of every business decision we make—big and small. It’s inspiring to watch, and I feel extremely proud to work with curious and customer-obsessed teammates.

RJ Krone – Vice President of Franchise Operations

Hey, RJ, we’re excited to hear your take on what skills you think a franchisee needs to thrive in our system.

RJ: I believe wanting to be in business for yourself in an industry that you have a passion for is essential. You need to get excited when you have changed someone’s life using the Pvolve method. If you are focused on making our clients the best they can be, you’ll win customer loyalty.

Our marketing programs will help get you customers but being part of the community is also extremely powerful. Networking around your studio to partner with residential buildings, small businesses, and health industry professionals will not only bring in new customers but make you a part of the foundation of your community.

Lastly, being part of something new is not only exciting, but it takes hard work and communication with the corporate office. Some of the best ideas come from the boots on the ground. This could be in the form of marketing or operational best practices, all of which help Pvolve continue to be an industry leader.

How has technology impacted the Pvolve franchise opportunity?

RJ: The fitness industry has shifted quickly to the “hybrid” model of fitness, but we’ve done it from the get-go. Clients want to be able to work out how and when they want to work out. If they want to go to the studio, they can. Or if they want to do their workout at home, they can. Our virtual and live stream classes put world-class trainers right into their living rooms. This has helped keep our model competitive in 2020, but it also continues to be a huge differentiator for us. When members can’t make it to the studio, they can pull up a workout on their phone or access classes on their TV. It’s pretty incredible!

Antonietta Vicario – VP of Talent

Hi, AV! Please tell us what you do here at Pvolve.

AV: I’m the VP of Talent and Training at Pvolve. I lead all things learning and development for the trainer team, building ongoing training modules to ensure our trainers are the best in the industry. I created the 100-hour training program, which includes our e-learning platform, as well as developed our quality assurance program to ensure excellence across all geographies.

What do you think makes this new fitness franchise stand out in the boutique studio space?

AV: Our method and our people. Our method delivers on the promise to transform your body and life through functional movements that deliver serious results while also being good for your joints. Clients increase strength, mobility, and stability and learn better biomechanics, which has such a ripple effect in the rest of their life. Whatever it is they are passionate about, whether that be running, skiing, swimming, chasing after their kids, they can do with more energy and ease due to the science behind this method.

Additionally, our people are the best people around. Genuine, warm, hard-working, intelligent and authentic- our people are a true inspiration!

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