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Fitness Industry Trends for 2023

The fitness industry is ever-changing, and the rise of interest in wellness and scientific advances lead to a continuous stream of recommendations. With wellness at a high priority, as we enter 2023, there are a variety of fitness industry trends that will help consumers to reach their fitness goals.

Among the top rising trends for 2023 are boutique fitness studios. In addition, fitness franchises have been on a significant rise since 2015, opening increasingly more locations each year. Although COVID-19 showed a rise in online fitness classes, individuals have been eager to return to in-person classes, leading attendance to rise above pre-COVID levels. Among those individuals there has been a rise of interest in boutique fitness studios, as well as women-led gyms, as they offer a more specific and community-oriented experience. Fitness studios have also begun offering functional wellness approaches, promoting a sustainable wellness regime that blends looking good with feeling great.

At Pvolve Fitness Studios, we offer the one-on-one attention, personalized atmosphere, and community that clients are seeking. Below, we will uncover the most sustainable fitness studio trends and their supporting statistics.

Rise Of Boutique Fitness Studio Experiences

Since COVID-19, people have been more community-focused than ever before. This community focus has led to a rise of interest in boutique fitness studios, a small and personalized studio that offers an individualized fitness experience. Boutique classes are a great opportunity for someone to specify their fitness goals and hone in on exercises that will help them reach their goals while becoming a part of a community.

According to research from IHRSA, The Global Health & Fitness Association, Boutique Fitness Studios’ participation nearly doubled from 21% in 2018 to 51% in 2019. Though Boutique Studios suffered from COVID-19, they are still projected to grow 450% by 2028.

Americans studied have shared that they are less concerned with weight loss, and more interested in improving their health and longevity. More than half of Americans say that they are engaging in practical workouts that better train their body for daily life. Workout recovery is also a rising interest, with nearly half of the population saying that stretching and restorative yoga are very important to them. Boutique fitness studios, like Pvolve, offer classes and workout regimens that cater toward overall lifestyle improvement.

In-Person Classes Continue To Grow

In-Person fitness classes promote a motivating and individualized atmosphere for you to optimize your fitness. In-person fitness studios offer individualized training, helping to encourage healthy habits, routines, and community.

43% of consumers shared that community is an imperative part of their wellness experience, and more than one-third of consumers are more likely to choose a fitness studio that is known for a strong community mindset. There has been a correlation between community and wellness, consumers who are active in community-oriented fitness studios feel more socially connected.

Although COVID-19 led to a rise in online fitness programs, research by Les Mills revealed that 85% of fitness participants are eager to try live, in-person classes. It is important to note that many of these clients are looking for hybrid fitness options, using their online classes as a precursor or substitute for in-person classes. Pvolve is an ideal destination for hybrid workout programs! Pvolve Fitness Studios encourage everyday functional movement, with motivational in-person fitness classes. If you can’t make it to the studio, on demand Pvolve workout options easily accommodate your schedule.

Women in Wellness

2023 is the year of women, 39% of women surveyed say that they prefer women-only gyms and fitness studios. Women-only gyms decrease the intimidation of a gym and empower women to take on their fitness goals without intimidation. Women-only gyms cater towards women, with proper equipment, a comfortable environment, and often events and services that cater to the interest of women.

According to a report by Franchise Business Review, there has been a 24% increase in women-owned franchises over the last 10 years, Pvolve being one of them! Pvolve strives to serve women, encouraging them to embark on a healthy workout journey that will work with their lifestyle, not against it. Pvolve’s customer base is primarily women, which brings a communal and empowering environment to help women feel their best.

Functional Training Increasing In Fitness Routines

As the fitness industry continues to develop, people lean toward functional fitness. Functional fitness training readies your body for everyday activities with multi-joint movements that help build strength and improve your range of motion. Bending, twisting, lifting, pushing, pulling, and squatting are movements of every-day life that are improved with functional fitness training.

In a study of more than 17,000 Americans, it was found that health and wellness are at the forefront of consumers’ priorities in 2023. Gen Z and Millenials are looking to improve their quality of life, rather than take part in fad diets to lose weight. With a functional fitness regime, they will notice ease with everyday activities, and an improvement in health and wellness.

Pvolve fitness studios focus on low-impact functional fitness training methods, focusing on movements that are practical and beneficial in everyday life. These dynamic and intentional workouts will strengthen and support muscles to offer an effective, full-body workout. Pvolve fitness studios offer functional wellness approaches that include; sculpting, cardio, recovery, meditation, and educational classes.

The Future of the Fitness Industry

The future of the fitness industry is geared towards the betterment of an individual’s well-being. Members are turning to boutique studios that offer in-person classes and a sense of community, women-led fitness studios, and functional fitness regimes. Fitness franchise owners can stay ahead of the curve by catering toward these areas of interest.

To become a part of a fitness studio that stays ahead of the curve by offering dynamic workout options and by catering to the needs of clients, consider opening a Pvolve franchise today. Learn more about Pvolve’s fitness and wellness offerings and how we offer specific interest areas, time-efficient workout options, and holistic training.

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