Pvolve Functional Fitness Class in Chicago with women using the Pmat, Pball, and hand weights

Functional Training: What it Is and Why It Matters

Functional fitness training readies your body for every day activities by using low-impact movement and resistant equipment to tone, strengthen, and sculpt your body without the pain and discomfort that come with high-impact workouts. Functional fitness training works with your body’s biomechanics by utilizing exercises that incorporate core-engaging balance and all ranges of motion to activate major muscles as well as the supportive muscles, delivering incredible results.

Functional fitness and functional movement go hand in hand, improving the everyday lives of our members. A functional fitness workout regime will lift your butt, tone your legs, sculpt your arms, and carve your abs. However, physical results are just the beginning. The functional movement will sharpen your body awareness and increase stability and mobility, helping you move freely throughout your day.

Pvolve’s fitness workouts are groundbreaking, with classes tailored to goals, sensitivities, and other needs. This personalization allows Pvolve members to achieve results and ensure they are constantly improving their health.

Functional Fitness and Fitness Industry Trends

Consumers entered 2023 with an interest in a more holistic approach to fitness, with programs that focus on a long-term regime for improved health and wellness. A study of over 17,000 Americans found that health and wellness are at the forefront of consumers’ priorities, with Gen Z and Millenials looking to improve their overall quality of life. At Pvolve, our functional fitness training is focused on making our members stronger and more capable in their everyday life, with goals directly in line with audience priorities.

With a fitness regime so in line with consumer interests, Pvolve membership is rising. Become a part of the fitness studio that stays ahead of the curve by offering unique workout options that are tailored to the needs of our members. Learn more about Fitness Studio Trends and our 2022 company growth before contacting our team to learn more about fitness franchising.

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