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The Future of the Fitness Industry

In 2017, Julie Cartwright was inspired by Pvolve’s mission to change women’s lives through low-impact functional movement. This mission is in-line with her passion to offer solutions to traditionally underserved members of the fitness industry. Julie Cartwright went on to become the President of Pvolve, working to help the company grow from a digital startup to a female-led and focused omnichannel global fitness method with members across the country and even worldwide.

Pvolve is trailblazing a new era of fitness, being a leader in evidence-based functional fitness that has shifted the conversation around traditional fitness regimens. This innovative fitness model has sparked the interest of members, globally. With the option to attend hybrid, in-studio, or virtual-on-demand classes, Pvolve is a paramount fitness studio franchise.

Pvolve President, Julie Cartwright anticipates that “a more holistic and sustainable approach to fitness is quickly replacing antiquated fitness tropes that preach “no pain, no gain “. The rising use of wearable fitness trackers coincides with the focus on functional fitness, by tracking heart rates, steps, sleep, and more. With this rise of consumer interest in improving their overall well-being, the Pvolve team anticipates that the interest in the Pvolve method remains at a constant incline, becoming the future of the fitness industry trends and the forerunner of fitness market growth.

Franchise Franchisee Quotes

“Pvolve is changing the conversation around holistic wellness. Our workouts fill a real need in fitness, marrying both intense toning with functional movements that help restore and support the body so you can feel incredible both inside and out”

-Kirstin K, San Diego Pvolve Franchise Owner

“After more than two years of intensive research and analysis on potential franchise opportunities in the fitness space, Pvolve was by far our top choice”

-Kristin S, Carlsbad Pvolve Studio Manager, and Co-Owner

“Fitness is a central part of our lives, and being able to start our own business with such an amazing brand and a hugely dedicated following is a dream come true.”

-Kristin S, Carlsbad Pvolve Studio Manager, and Co-Owner

“When Pvolve franchisees Ben and Cynthia H. were initially looking for franchise opportunities, they couldn’t find anything they were passionate about. “It was frustrating,” said Ben. “We reviewed a lot of brands, but nothing stood out to us. And then one day, Cynthia said, ‘I really wish Pvolve would franchise because they’re so amazing. I told her to check their website and a few minutes later, we found out that they had just opened up franchising.”

-Cynthia & Ben H, Pvolve Nashville Franchise Owners

“I found Pvolve and fell in love – the impact was wild! I did their program for about six months until things finally started opening back up again, but I found I couldn’t stop the Pvolve program; I became fully addicted. John said to me, “The next thing you find, let’s commit,” and once I got the franchise email, the stars aligned- I knew this was the type of thing I wanted to do.”

-Kirstin & John K, Pvolve San Diego Franchise Owners

“After a long career in the insurance business, I wanted my next chapter to be something that brings wellness to people and I believe I have found it in Pvolve. Pvolve can do good for everyone and I want to shout it from the mountain tops!”

-Lucille & Tom C, Pvolve Victoria Franchise Owners

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