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Our Year in Review: Pvolve Franchise

In the dynamic landscape of the fitness industry, Pvolve has emerged as a trailblazer in 2023. Our commitment to providing a unique and science-led functional fitness experience has propelled us from three affiliate studios to an impressive twelve Pvolve franchise studios in development and 40 awarded, marking Pvolve one of the fastest growing fitness franchises.

Pvolve’s fitness boutique studio, known for its innovative approach to low-impact workouts using resistance band equipment, is now more accessible than ever. This expansion includes not only new openings but also strategic appointments within our leadership team, reinforcing our dedication to excellence and growth.

Our Fitness Franchise Growth

Training Highlights

In 2023, we not only brought fitness closer to our community but also fostered an undeniable sense of unity through a series of impressive initiatives. Beginning with 150 Pop-Up Classes, these events became more than just fitness sessions – they were moments that energized our participants and shared the revolutionary Pvolve method and community.

Dedicated to excellence, we invested 750 hours in hands-on training support, ensuring our trainers are well-informed of the latest techniques and knowledge to expertly guide our members on their fitness journey. The Pvolve team grew stronger with the addition of 26 new faces, each contributing a unique blend of passion and expertise to our thriving community.

Our commitment to making fitness accessible anywhere at any time was reinforced by producing 325 workouts for our On-Demand Platform. This ensures Pvolve members meet their fitness goals with engaging and current on-demand classes. The On-Demand Platform, a beacon of variety with 270 new workouts, kept our community engaged and motivated. Further embracing the virtual realm, we conducted 2,225 Live Virtual Studio (LVS) classes, bringing the Pvolve experience directly into our members’ homes.

In a monumental stride towards progress, we introduced the Pvolve Academy – a comprehensive Learning and Development Platform. This groundbreaking initiative goes beyond traditional support, offering educational and operational assistance. The Pvolve Academy becomes the ground for growth, catering to the needs of franchise owners, trainers, and lead trainers through a diverse range of learning resources, webinars, and engaging social forums.

Construction Highlights

We began expanding our footprint by signing eight leases, marking the inception of new Pvolve studios. The journey from the blueprint to reality is captured in 1,587 construction check-in photos, which showcase the hard work and dedication poured into each new studio. To ensure that each location resonates with the unique Pvolve experience, we embarked on 15 real estate site tours, exploring the realm of possibilities. By negotiating a total of $1,386,531.61 in Tenant Improvement Allowance, we successfully secured valuable resources to craft environments that truly embody the essence of Pvolve.

Marketing Highlights

We are passionate about the Pvolve method, and in 2023, this was more evident than ever before. We witnessed the power of collaboration and unity as 9 different franchise owner groups came together for training. With 31 days of Franchise Owner Training, our Pvolve team covered essential topics, equipping owners with the tools necessary for success. Our Ops & Marketing team played an integral role in this process, traveling to 7 states and provinces and providing hands-on support to franchise owners from California to Calgary.

Fitness Franchise Development Highlights

In our efforts to expand the Pvolve family, we celebrated a significant milestone by awarding a total of 40 studios. To connect with potential franchisees, we hosted 8 “Meet the Team” events that provided a platform to share our vision and opportunities within Pvolve. This year, we opened 7 studios, which included 4 franchise studios and 3 corporate studios. This was a testament to the strength and appeal of the Pvolve brand and its growing popularity. To explore new opportunities and forge valuable connections, we attended 5 franchise development events and conferences.

Memorable Moments for Pvolve in 2023

  • Pvolve had an amazing year in 2023. Our top 3 on-demand series, Sculpt & PWT, The P.3 Series, and The Ultimate Evolution Challenge, were a huge hit with our members, who embraced them as a staple in their fitness routines.
  • Nashville also stole our hearts, and “The W” became our favorite pop-up class location. We love how Pop-up Classes allow us to share the Pvolve method with new communities!
  • Collaboration is part of our DNA, and the Vuori collaboration was a memorable partnership that brought fitness enthusiasts together!
  • Pvolve’s partnership with actress Jennifer Aniston has made headlines, uniting two influential forces in wellness and fitness. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to inspiring individuals to pursue their fitness goals through innovative and science-led functional fitness.

With 40 studios awarded in 2023, Pvolve is not merely a fitness franchise for women; it’s a thriving community of wellness enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, an entrepreneur, or someone passionate about wellness, Pvolve invites you to be part of our success story. With a proven and lucrative franchise opportunity, Pvolve is your gateway to a thriving future in the fitness industry.

Fitness Franchisee Quotes

“Pvolve’s method is different, building fitness by focusing on the way your body moves in life. Pvolve’s studios are an important channel for delivering this message, and I’m proud that we’re going to be the first to make it available in Canada.”

-Lucille Cuell, Victoria Pvolve Franchise Owner

“I’ve had so much help and support from the franchise team… the best experience so far has been the franchise owner training. Coming to Chicago and getting to meet people in person was so rewarding. From the beginning, Pvolve has felt so authentic and like they really care. The process has been so great and really organic.”

-Emily Reid, Pvolve Fort Worth Franchise Owner

“After more than two years of intensive research and analysis on potential franchise opportunities in the fitness space, Pvolve was by far our top choice,” said Kristin, who will serve as the studio manager in addition to being a co-owner. “Fitness is a central part of our lives and being able to start our own business with such an amazing brand and a hugely dedicated following is a dream come true.”

Kristin & Jeff S. ~ Pvolve Carlsbad/Encinitas Franchise Owners

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