How Social Media Impacts Fitness Franchises

Today, social media has become a daily part of many of our lives. It probably feels like everyone you know, from your best friend to your grandma, is on social media. In fact, statistics would support this conjecture. It’s reported that 90% of people with access to the internet use social media.

The cultural prevalence of social media has impacted the way brands market their products and services. Many businesses have created entire departments dedicated to social media marketing. Fitness franchises in particular have benefitted from the visual nature of social media. At Pvolve, we’ve been able to put our proprietary method, incredible results and talented instructors front and center to give potential members a taste of our brand.

Learn how social media marketing has helped us turn Pvolve into an online sensation and what this means for your fitness franchise.

Getting Our Name Out There

Pvolve is a relatively young brand with some serious muscle behind it. We have a unique concept, undeniable results and a rock star corporate team who knew just how to help us break into the premium franchise brand market.

Our early marketing efforts included lots of public relations and social media marketing. Countless articles highlighted the vision of our founder, our functional fitness method and Pvolve’s hot new fitness products women were dying to try. Many of our features made it to social media, where users heard of our brand for the first time. Through shares, stories and mentions, our brand recognition grew globally.

The Power of Influencers

As a luxury brand, we knew it was important to partner with influencers whose audiences align with our customer base. Influencers build their careers by establishing a relationship with their audiences. Web users follow the influencer for lifestyle inspiration, advice and product recommendations that match with the user’s niche interests.

Our influencer strategy is paramount in getting our brand in front of the right social media users. We’ve carefully chosen partnerships with likeminded influencers who truly love our method and can share their genuine experiences with their audiences.

Pvolve’s online popularity benefits your fitness franchise by building demand in new markets. Once your studio opens, you may also benefit from partnering with local influencers who can drive traffic to your location.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is organic content, like images and videos, produced by users online. Brands don’t create or pay for this content, but they may share user-generated content, or UGC, on their business’s profiles.

Pvolve members love to share their experiences with their peers online. From progress photos to testimonials, our members consistently create UGC that furthers our reach on social media and increases our brand’s visibility.

In addition to our primary corporate Instagram account, each individual studio has a profile where they can share localized content. Members can engage with their peers, tag the location and even see themselves in reposted content to create a better connection to the studio.

Facebook Groups

Pvolve facilitates a Facebook group where our members can bond, ask for advice, share achievements and lift each other up. People who live across the country become accountability partners, and studio goers find friends to accompany them to their local Pvolve. It’s a place where women go to find motivation and encouragement in a positive online atmosphere. This group helps keep both our digital and in-person members engaged. This benefits our brand overall by building customer loyalty. When members feel connected to our brand and other members, they’re more likely to become long-term Pvolve users.

In our Facebook group, we also keep our community up to date on the latest happenings at Pvolve, like studio openings. When digital members see that a new studio is opening in their city, they could become your first members!

Become the Owner of a Pvolve Studio

Ready to introduce Pvolve’s radically new workout to your community? Reach out to our franchise development team to learn what it takes to open a Pvolve studio in your market.

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