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Why Pvolve is an Ideal Franchise for Women

Whether you’re looking for more flexibility, better earning potential, or to take control of your future, entrepreneurship may be the answer. More and more women are entering the franchise industry, looking for opportunities with growth potential in a category they care about.

Pvolve, a women-founded and led company, has built our brand by helping women discover the life-changing power of daily functional movement. From our members to our owners, we’ve created a community in which women thrive. Learn what else makes Pvolve an incredible fitness franchise opportunity for female entrepreneurs.

Pvolve is Women-Founded & Led

Our founder, Rachel Katzman, was broken down from years of high-impact workouts and experiencing pain from scoliosis when she discovered a life-changing new method. Working with her co-founder, Stephen, she began to train functionally. Rachel began to see amazing results, like improved strength, reduced pain, increased flexibility, and so much more. She knew she needed to make more women aware of the beautiful benefits of functional fitness, and so Pvolve was born.

She was soon joined by more inspiring leaders who understood the impact that proper movement has in transforming our bodies and minds. Today, we’re still led by ambitious women who are excited to help members transform their bodies and franchisees transform their futures.

Our Owners Provide Pain Solutions for Women

Moving with your body’s natural mechanics rather than against them seems intuitive, but it’s a relatively new concept in the fitness industry. We’re often told “no pain, no gain,” but at Pvolve, we’re ridding ourselves of this toxic thinking. With a proven method that’s based in science, our members can target pain areas to find relief from a whole host of issues.

Through workouts developed in tandem with our clinical advisory board, we’re even able to help women target specific pain points, such as strengthening the pelvic floor and supporting women through menopause. At Pvolve, we don’t want to just help women when they’re in our studios. We want to help them live happier, healthier lives, starting from within.

Work with Like-Minded Individuals

As an entrepreneur, it can be incredibly impactful to know you’ve got experienced, dependable people in your corner. With Pvolve, you have support from a network of industry professionals. We come together as a team with the shared goal of maximizing results for everyone involved.

As a Pvolve franchise owner, you can grow your own business with those same shared values, focusing on functional movement and helping your members become their best selves. With our team of like-minded fitness franchising experts by your side, building each other up is all part of the journey.

Achieve Better Work/Life Balance

Investing in gym franchise ownership can offer a change in how you structure your time. You have control over how you structure your team, hours, and franchise development, allowing you to find a better balance and prioritize what matters most to you.

For many women, finding that balance between work and life, between their professional goals and personal fulfillment, can be challenging. At Pvolve, we enjoy helping our owners achieve their goals. Through our proven model and processes, we make it simpler than you might expect to build a business and achieve better work/life balance at the same time.

See Why Pvolve Could be the Right Gym Franchise for You

For any entrepreneur with a passion for fitness and for helping members reach their goals, Pvolve can be an outstanding experience. Especially for women eager to build their own businesses with the support of like-minded people, Pvolve can be a welcoming opportunity to take charge and make a difference. To learn how you can take the next step toward gym franchise ownership with Pvolve, get in touch with us today.

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