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Where We Began

Not long ago, Co-Founder Rachel Katzman felt broken.

After moving away from home, she struggled with weight gain, a lack of self-confidence and later, a scoliosis diagnosis. She tried every fitness class in NYC to get back on track, but wound up with more pain and exhaustion than results.

When she met top NYC trainer Stephen Pasterino, she finally learned the right way to work out: by moving with her body’s natural movements instead of against them. When she started feeling changes in her body and seeing how this approach was helping other women just like her, she knew she had to share it with the world.

P.volve officially launched just over a year later with Rachel’s story as the backbone of our mission to help people know their body better than they ever have before.

Rachel Katzman, P.volve Founder and CEO

Rachel Katzman


Rachel Katzman is the Co-Founder of P.volve and Co-Founder and former CEO of Cuvée Beauty, a hair care line that she sold in 2019.

She’s known for her customer-centric approach to leadership and always challenging her team to “be the customer.” Day to day, she focuses on driving the creative vision of the company forward, growing the digital platform and looking to establish P.volve’s footing in the fitness space. All of this, she believes, can be done successfully in sweatpants. Katzman is still as obsessed with the method today as she was three years ago and can often be found taking classes right alongside the P.volve community.

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Blonde woman with green eyes smiles

Julie Cartwright


When P.volve President Julie heard about P.volve’s revolutionary method, she knew she had to join us on our mission to change peoples’ lives through fitness. Julie brings more than two decades of business development and fitness industry experience to P.volve’s executive leadership team. Her passion for the brand serves as constant inspiration for those around her, reminding us of our shared mission every day. Working closely with our Co-Founder, Julie guides the brand’s direction with growth-minded vision and strategies that keep us aligned with our values.

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Brunette man smiles in black P.volve shirt

Alex Puccillo

Director of Franchise Development

After 17 years in the fitness and franchising industry, you could say our Director of Franchise Development, Alex, knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in the space. With additional expertise from his degree in finance and experience as a licensed real estate broker, Alex offers our franchisees a wealth of knowledge they can use to build their businesses. Alex serves as a guide as future franchisees like you explore the P.volve opportunity and prepare for business ownership. In the workplace, Alex taps into his past as a collegiate athlete, constantly motivating the team to work together to see the best results.

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Vice President of Franchise Operations smiles in P.volve shirt

RJ Krone

Vice President of Franchise Operations

With more than 15 years in franchising, RJ Krone understands what it takes to develop scalable, sustainable systems that help entrepreneurs build businesses of their own. Armed with data points, budget sheets, and out-of-the-box marketing ideas, RJ approaches every conversation with business growth in mind. His experience has taught him many important lessons, but one he often repeats to his team is that there are no bad ideas, just ones you haven’t tried yet. RJ’s can-do attitude and no-job-too-small mentality make him an invaluable person to have in your corner. Offering experience, advice, and support, RJ is the go-to guy for all things franchising.

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Shannon Cooke

Shannon Cooke

Director of Studio & Franchise Operations

Shannon Cooke is an operations whiz with the pedigree to back up her big ideas. After working in global operations for pharmaceutical companies, Shannon transitioned to the boutique fitness industry where she felt her talents could positively impact communities everywhere. Shannon says she lives and breathes processes and her hyper-organized approach to growth provides our franchisees with huge advantages. Her extensive background in boutique fitness operations gives Shannon keen insight into the industry while her aptitude for problem solving keeps P.volve on the cutting-edge.

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Project Manager Ashley Cicurel smiles

Ashley Cicurel

Project Manager, Franchise

With a background in kinesiology, it’s no surprise that Ashley loves a brand that keeps it moving. Immediately spotting the transformative nature of our method, Ashley couldn’t wait to help us take studios from blueprint to reality. Ashley is the go-to person for all questions related to studio buildouts and is a constant cheerleader for our brand. In the day to day, Ashley works to drive our brand’s momentum with unphased dedication.

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P.volve VP of Talent and Training, Antonietta Vicario poses outdoors with head resting on hand

Antonietta Vicario

Vice President of Talent and Training

Antonietta Vicario, fondly known around the office as AV, is a former dancer turned fitness trainer with a history of building training programs for international franchises. Her MFA in choreography gives her a unique understanding of the way the body moves and how trainers absorb information. She specializes in recruiting, training and ongoing development centered around growth-oriented strategies. Charismatic, focused and full of energy, AV leads our trainer team with passion for our method and our mission.

Certifications: Pre/Post Natal, Pilates, Yoga, Integrative Health Coach, Gray Institute 3D Maps

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Jill Brand

Jill Brand

Executive Director, Brand, Content & Community

Jill Brand has growth on the mind. As a leader responsible for driving P.volve’s organic growth, Jill is constantly dreaming up creative ways to communicate our brand and reach our audience through social, PR and digital media. Her secret? Strategy, strategy, strategy. Through experience, research, and a whole lot of creativity, Jill fine tunes our content and communication strategies to help future members get to know our mission while staying true to the brand we love.

An avid fitness enthusiast herself, Jill gushes that P.volve has changed her body and her life. In her day to day, you’ll find Jill, deep in thought, strategizing opportunities to engage with our members, or, laughing at the chaos her two kids caused over the weekend. A passionate leader and kind coworker, Jill is an integral part of our team.

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