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How to Market Your Local Gym Franchise

One of the most common questions we receive from candidates is, “How will I find customers?” Learn some of our favorite strategies for marketing local gym franchises and how Pvolve provides support in this department.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Between smartphones, tablets and laptops, people are spending more time online than ever. Make sure your business is online, too. Your gym franchise’s online presence can, and should, span across multiple platforms to improve your reach and searchability.

To maximize your studio’s exposure, we recommend creating profiles on popular platforms such as Google My Business, Instagram, Facebook and any other site you think your ideal customer may be using.

The Power of Social Proof

In marketing, social proof refers to a behavioral tendency to prefer products and services with a proven track record of customer satisfaction. Let’s say you’re searching for a new yoga mat. You have one option that has 4.5 stars with 650 reviews, a second with 3.8 stars and 300 reviews and a third that has yet to be reviewed. Are you likely to go with the first option? Most people would!

Reviews, ratings and referrals are a common manifestation of social proof. These posts tell other consumers what to expect from a product or service so they can make an educated purchasing decision. To harness the power of social proof to market your studio, we suggest creating profiles on popular review sites, like Google My Business, where members can go to review your business.

Another form of social proof you’re likely to encounter online is influencer marketing. Web users often look to their favorite influencer for detailed product reviews and recommendations. Gym franchises can create visibility by partnering with local influencers who genuinely love the studio and can act as a spokesperson for your brand.

Network Like It’s Your Job

For local business owners, networking is often part of the job description. Building connections within your community can provide you with opportunities to get your business in front of prospective customers in your city.

There are many ways you can get out there and start networking. You may choose to join your city’s chamber of commerce, set up a booth at a local event or volunteer for a local charity.

We recommend building relationships with business owners in complementary industries, like health food stores, fitness apparel boutiques, hair salons, and any other type of business your ideal member may frequent. These partnerships could give you the opportunity to market to their customer base.

How Pvolve Helps Franchisees Market Their Gym Franchise

As a franchisee, you’ll be responsible for marketing your business, but that doesn’t mean you won’t receive robust support from your franchisor. Here’s how we help you with your marketing efforts:

  • Get access to on-brand, editable marketing assets you can tailor to your location
  • Create social media profiles for your location with oversight from the experts at corporate
  • Benefit from our extensive public relations efforts and brand recognition
  • Get ongoing support from your franchise business coach

To learn more about the Pvolve franchise opportunity, reach out to our team today.

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