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Why Do People Love Group Fitness Franchises?

At Pvolve, we love a good group session at the studio. It’s a great time for members to hang out, catch up, and get to know their bodies better with the right workouts and holistic routines.

What makes group classes like ours so effective, and how can that benefit you as a fitness franchise owner? Find out why members are invested in this exercise format and why you should look for a fitness franchise that offers unique group fitness classes.

Motivation is Key for Fitness Franchise Members

Working out can be hard, but it’s easier when you don’t have to do it alone. Having friends at the gym motivates you to finish strong or try a new workout that you’d never try on your own. Fitness franchises that offer members the option to join a group for their workout routine can help them achieve more through peer support and motivation. This can also help boost your membership retention. If your members feel comfortable and are surrounded by a supportive community in your space, then they’re more likely to keep coming back. They’re also willing to pay a higher premium because they know about the key benefits and close-knit community that come with it.

As a Pvolve fitness franchise owner, you can offer group workout classes to your members. Our studios offer four different sessions that you can bring to your own franchise, too. By offering personal training and health coaching, you can even help members better prepare for these sessions and get the most out of their studio time.

Virtual Workouts Provide Added Value

Group sessions can transition more easily into virtual or hybrid options than individual workouts that require in-person, hefty gym equipment. That way, if members can’t make it to the studio, they can still get in a quality workout virtually. More attendance options means more attendees, too—so you can boost your fitness franchise memberships and help retain your current customer base.

As a fitness franchise owner, offering different class options is important to maintaining your memberships. As a Pvolve franchise owner, you’ll be able to offer members classes in our Live Virtual Studio. Members also have access to hundreds of on-demand videos, so they can work out in any space.

Network with Group Workouts

Accountability is key for fitness franchise owners. At Pvolve, our franchisees can boost memberships by facilitating a safe place to connect and form close ties with other members. Group sessions not only motivate attendees to push themselves and try new things, but they also help retain memberships. By forming attachments to the classes, trainers, and workout buddies, members are more likely to show up than skip. This way, they tend to stay with your fitness franchise longer. As a franchisee, this can mean less frequent membership turnover.

Retention is really important as you look for a fitness franchise to own, but so is networking. You can help boost organic networking by offering a studio with Pvolve. Start by getting your members to talk about your studio’s in-person and virtual classes. When they feel good about the results they’re seeing and the community they’ve joined, they’re more apt to share these exciting experiences with friends and family. Word of mouth is a very useful tool as a fitness franchise owner, and Pvolve helps you lean into that.

Become a Fitness Franchise Owner

As a fitness franchise owner with Pvolve, you can tap into this contagious sense of culture, community and motivation to help boost your customer base and make your studio a safe place for any body.

Excited to learn more? Reach out to us today to find out how you can be the next Pvolve franchise owner.

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