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Local Franchise Marketing Trends for 2022

Marketing is constantly evolving, and fitness franchise owners who adapt along with it can have huge growth potential. Many franchises, like Pvolve, will help you continuously develop a local franchise marketing plan that works for your market, but as an owner, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends in the business. Here’s three local franchise marketing trends you need to know to crush your goals in the new year.

Get Social on Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to engage with your current members and introduce your studio to new ones. Boutique fitness franchise members tend to skew young, with millennials being a primary target demographic. It’s no secret this generation loves social media and tends to engage with their favorite brands online. This means they’ll likely want to tag your Pvolve studio in their recent Facebook post or Instagram boomerang, so it’s important your fitness franchise has a profile on popular social media channels like these.

Some fitness franchises, like Pvolve, will help you navigate the world of social media marketing. We’ll give you pointers on how to create effective social media posts and engage with your members online.

Your Mission Matters

More and more consumers are interested in a brand’s “why.” They want to go beyond what a company does and find out what values drive their team’s desire to grow. This allows people to connect with a company’s mission and choose brands that reflect their own ethos.

As an entrepreneur, we encourage you to choose a fitness franchise that also aligns with your values. The majority of Pvolve franchise owners are motivated by our mission to help our members heal their bodies with dynamic joint movement that makes them feel as good as they look. In fact, many of our owners are avid Pvolve users themselves! This personal stake in what we do helps drive their business with passion and purpose.

An Omnichannel Approach is Key

An omnichannel local franchise marketing plan creates a consistent brand experience across all platforms, from your physical studio to your social media profiles. Ultimately, this type of approach requires you to think like your customer and deliver messaging, experiences, and engagement that truly speaks to your ideal member.

Pvolve helps you put an omnichannel strategy into play through our established fitness franchise system and processes. We have a customer obsessed attitude that puts your members first at every turn and allows us to create an unmatched fitness experience available in your studio and online. We’ll help you understand our vision, mission, and values so you can successfully communicate the Pvolve brand through your local franchise marketing strategy.

Get Started with a Fitness Franchise

There’s no better time than the present to start a business you love. The Pvolve franchise gives passionate entrepreneurs the opportunity to build a business that makes a lasting impact on their members’ lives. To learn how you can get started, see what you’ll need to qualify. If this sounds like you, we’d love to chat. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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