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Franchisee Spotlight: Lucille and Tom Cuell

Meet the first Pvolve franchise partners in Canada, Lucille and Tom Cuell who are opening a studio in Victoria, British Columbia. After leaving the corporate world to focus on her health, Lucille and Tom had long intended to open their own fitness studio, a passion that they’ve shared since a young age. When attending the wedding of Kirstin Keohane, San Diego Pvolve owner, Lucille and Tom discovered Pvolve. Shortly after, they began on-demand virtual Pvolve workouts. With experience as an aerobics instructor in her 20s, Lucille was immediately interested in the Pvolve program. After learning more about the functional fitness model of Pvolve, Lucille and Tom joined together to bring the Pvolve experience to Victoria, Canada.

Finding Passion With The Pvolve Franchise

Lucille has been involved with fitness for over 30 years and found passion in Pvolve with their functional fitness approach. Unlike traditional high-intensity workouts, Lucille was intrigued by the unique fitness concept brought forward by Pvolve. Lucille says “ Pvolve’s method is different, building fitness by focusing on the way your body moves in life. Pvolve’s studios are an important channel for delivering this message, and I’m proud that we’re going to be the first to make it available in Canada.”

Expected to open in the early fall of 2023, Pvolve Victoria will be a family-run franchise. Lucille will manage the studio while Tom focuses on marketing and promotion. Lucille and Tom have two daughters, Emily and Samantha, who will be involved in Pvolve Victoria as well. Their daughter, Emily is working with the general contractor, taking part in the construction of the new Pvolve franchise. Emily and Samantha, a kinesiologist, are both planning to go through the process to become a Pvolve Trainer.

Owning a Boutique Fitness Franchise

Pvolve, or Personal Evolution, is a science-led functional fitness method that delivers innovative content and experiences to its members in all 50 states and globally. When you choose Pvolve as your franchise opportunity, you will be joining a community of like-minded individuals that share the same passion as you do. Pvolve’s support team will help you with site selection and building your studio, and then you will get comprehensive support and training to prepare you for ownership. After your Pvolve fitness studio opens, you will receive ongoing support from your Pvolve franchise business coach, while enjoying the freedom of being your own boss. For more information about Pvolve franchise opportunities, contact our team.

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