3 Ways Pvolve is an Inclusive Fitness Franchise

3 Ways Pvolve is an Inclusive Fitness Franchise

Some fitness franchises can be intimidating with dark, sprawling gyms with intense music and instructors with megaphones. This format can exclude quite a few members and franchise owners who are looking for a more welcoming environment.

At Pvolve, we work to include everyone from all walks of life and locations. We think fitness should be a universal option that helps each person achieve their fitness goals, and we bring that mentality to our franchise, too. Discover three ways Pvolve makes membership and gym franchise ownership a collaborative, supportive experience for all.

Everyone Can Join the Studio

The numbers say it all. Since our inception, Pvolve has welcomed over one million people to sign up for our workouts. We believe that all bodies are worthy of a great fitness routine and deserve to be happy and healthy. Whether a member is a newbie to the fitness world or is a practiced athlete, Pvolve’s open-door policy is right for them.

We feel the same way about our franchisees. We want gym franchise owners who live our value of inclusion and feel strongly connected to our mission of improving performance and transforming bodies. That’s why we help our franchisees with outreach programs and provide both corporate marketing campaigns and resources for local marketing. This way, you’ll have a helping hand when recruiting members to join your Pvolve studio. Location is everything, too, which is why your studio will be in a great ground floor space near 50,000 potential members.

We Offer Virtual Classes Worldwide

What makes virtual classes so popular? Some members may not feel ready to attend classes at an in-person gym and prefer the comfort of their own homes. Others might have busy schedules that don’t have enough wiggle room for an extra drive time.

Our on-demand and virtual workouts account for these unique situations. We want to engage with everyone, no matter their schedules or lifestyles, so our platform offers hundreds of videos and structured series to accommodate for that. As a franchisee, this will help promote brand awareness and boost your membership retention. That way, you continue reaching new members every day. As studios pop up across the country, former online users are itching to switch to an in-person membership.

A Culture of Encouragement and Support

In the studio, we don’t mess around—our members get right to work improving their performance with our gym equipment. But that doesn’t mean the studio is unwelcoming. Rather, our fitness franchise owners work just as hard to create a place full of encouragement and support. Our members are our family after all, and we want to see them transform into happier, healthier individuals.

The same goes for each of our franchisees. As a fitness franchise owner, you’ll receive robust support from our corporate team. We are a true partner to franchisees and help create a space full of marketing support, training and collaboration. In turn, we’ll help you pass this sentiment along to your studio’s members.

Get Started with a Pvolve Fitness Franchise

Ready to join a team of welcoming fitness franchise owners? At Pvolve, we’re excited to dive into the details of how our studios work and why you can be an integral part of our inclusive culture. Contact us today to take the next step toward a Pvolve ownership.

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