Three women in athletic attire practice the P.volve method in a boutique fitness franchise studio

Why You’ll Fall for the Pvolve Franchise Opportunity

Since our start, Pvolve has gained the attention of the media, fans, and entrepreneurs, each looking for a best-in-class boutique fitness studio. With a radically effective method and industry differentiators that bring exponential value, we’ve made quite the splash in the fitness space. There are countless reasons to love the Pvolve franchise, but here are a few we think stand out the most to entrepreneurs with big dreams like you.

A Method Unlike Any Other

Pvolve’s groundbreaking method was developed to help the body move in the way it was meant to move. Using principles of functional fitness, signature movements, and proprietary equipment, Pvolve members can pulse, stretch, and pivot their way to their best body ever. With a variety of classes to choose from, your members can meet all their fitness needs at a single studio—your studio.

The Pvolve method does more than help members sculpt their muscles and burn unwanted calories. Our functional method has the potential to reduce pain and improve the body’s overall function. Many members report improved posture, sleep, and mobility as a result of adding Pvolve to their routines.

Empowered by Science

We’re a brand on a mission. We aim to help members everywhere better connect with their bodies and discover their true potential through a function-first fitness method. To reach this goal, we’ve created a well-rounded fitness experience that helps members work their bodies and better understand how their bodies work.

Our approach to fitness is informed by a panel of doctors and other medical professionals, including doctors of physical therapy and gynecology. Pvolve instructors undergo rigorous training that helps them understand the physiology behind the movements so they can pass this knowledge along to members. We also publish informational articles to help our fans learn more about their bodies, such as how exercise and the menstrual cycle interact.

So Many Ways to Grow

Pvolve franchise owners are uniquely positioned to grow within the thriving boutique fitness category. In addition to a differentiated method, the Pvolve franchise offers hybrid memberships, class packs, and retail items that expand our owners earning potential.

When entrepreneurs invest in the Pvolve franchise, they can determine what their growth goals look like. While some owners may decide to open a single studio, those who want to own their market can choose to sign an agreement to open multiple studios over a pre-determined period of time. Whichever path they choose, Pvolve has the systems and processes in place to help franchisees achieve their objectives.

Get in on a Startup Fitness Franchise

After just a handful of years in the industry, Pvolve has gone from a startup with serious moxie to an acclaimed fitness franchise opportunity with new studios popping up in cities all over. We maintain the startup energy that got us here, but Pvolve has proven ourselves as leaders in the functional fitness movement—a category taking over the space. To learn how you can open your own studio with Pvolve, reach out to our team. We’d love to get to know you and your goals to see how we can fit into your future.

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